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A shot from our hotel room having just arrived in Ho Chi Minh.

Thomo On Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)- Initial Day And First Steps In The Big City…

Well where do I start with this famous city routed in the southern regions of Vietnam? Are there a lot of motorbikes? YES. Are there lots of massage parlours? YES. Are there seedy old men with dyed comb overs picking up hot chicks on mopeds or carrying around large holdalls where the contents are unknown? YES. This type of atmosphere alongside things like…

  • People sleeping rough
  • People offering you sunglasses/lighters/tobacco/hats/fans and Marajuana
  • Lots of poverty
  • Very cheap beer/cigarettes
  • Pollution
  • Cheap accommodation
  • Various markets
  • Museums
  • Bars/Clubs
  • Great street food

Among a whole host of other things to see which are either random, bizarre or intriguing. The first thing that hit me when I got off in my stupid outfit of denim shirt, dark jeans and boots was the humidity and sheer craziness of the city. Seriously you couldn’t walk 10 yards without somebody trying to sell you something, offer you a taxi (on either a bike, scooter or a car) or touch you to prompt you in a direction towards a hotel (where of course it’s the cheapest in town). To be honest I don’t mind all of this too much as I kind of expect it…Scotty however is a different story altogether! With his OCD and sulky temperament when he hasn’t eaten in more than two hours (haha) does not like to be hassled or touched in the slightest so with what I have mentioned above you can imagine how many toys flew out of his rather massive pram for the initial 30 minutes of being grounded in Ho Chi Minh city. People aim at Scott and love to touch his arm so watching his mardy little reaction to this makes me piss myself inside for quite sometime afterwards.

View from our taxi cab going from the Ho Chi Minh airport to the city...About $9 as I remember
View from our taxi cab going from the Ho Chi Minh airport to the city…About $9 as I remember

As usual we do things back to front and had no map so stopped to talk to a guy who was offering to take us to a busy section where backpackers tend to reside. He wanted 15000 dong which is 50 pence for the privilidge but we decided to just walk around sweating our tits off as that’s what we have done right from day one. You can also get a street meal for this price which we found out about 30 minutes later whilst trundling down a ropey backstreet. We sat down and had spicy fish, pork and rice (also a bowl of complimentary soup which is usually vegetable or chicken broth) and a mound of rice. To drink was a bottle of water and some ice cold coffee which was absolutely fantastic. Still alarmed by what I was wearing, which evidently was soaked we spoke to some locals on the table next to us and asked them where the main strip was. They pointed us in the direction of a long alleyway and told us to turn left there and walk until it was apparent we were in the right region. We followed these instructions taking in the madness of the congested roads and landed in our little haven in District 1. Bars, bars, bars and hotels every other building so the options were endless. We set a budget for $10 for a twin room and found one slightly over this for $14 but it did have aircon and was slap bang in the centre of it all (The street was like the Khaosan Road in Bangkok of Ho Chi Minh city).

Scotty getting accustomed to my bed...No chance matey
Scotty getting accustomed to my bed…No chance matey

I put in an early shotgun call for the double bed as Scotty was too slow, so he had to make do with his little single bed for the next 4 days (Needless to say he was impressed with the shotgun and has hated me ever since- so what’s new?haha). So I don’t bore you with too much information in one blog post I will get another one one to list prices of everything and nightlife/stuff to see and do and what we actually achieved…

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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