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Time To Kill

Ok so not sure if people even really write blog entries before they leave but it seems like something that should be done, besides I’m just sitting in a kitchen listening to Angus & Julia Stone with nothing better to do.

Today is the day we finally booked our flights for June 6th 2012, last minute I know, but to be fair the prices haven’t really changed much over the last 3 months (since we started keeping an eye on them). In fact we seem to have managed to get a direct flight for only £60 more than a 1 stop flight with a 15 hour wait. Sky Scanner was pretty easy to use and gave a nice breakdown of what flights we could get (little shout out for Sky Scanner there).

I’ve got a couple more rounds of Hep B and Rabies shots to get and hopefully the next ones won’t make me feel like shit. As far as the nurse said it was the Rabies one that did it, pretty much gave me a hangover feeling…….which just extended the hangover from the day before! Really helpful nurse in Nomad Travel, so I would definitely recommend them and they have locations throughout the U.K.

So we have a leaving do next Friday which should be awesome, although it does mean a 2 ½ hour train for Ian and me flying over from Ireland but worth it…I hope. Counting down to leaving isn’t hard, it’s filling the time without spending money that is.

And that folks is where we are!

Scotty Dogg x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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