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Welcome To Koh Samui

Well what can I say….awesome!! We docked here round 2 and half hours ago and you are greeted on the incoming boat with picturesque views of the island and the hills. Instantly noticeable today is the scorching heat, which with the breeze on the boat made me unaware I was burning my pasty knobbly girls knees. Whether this is a usual difference from the muggy heat of Bangkok or not, we don’t know yet. Today we have been greeted with near pure blue skies and an incredible direct heat. Obviously the first thing Thomo did on arrival was hit the beach at our hostel/resort to bronze his sparrow legs and become increasingly Middle Eastern looking. At the point of writing this I am sitting on the porch of our beach front hut, looking out over the blue sea, receiving a little cooling breeze and using the resorts free Wi-Fi….anything free is good in our eyes.

We are staying in a place called ‘The New Hut’ and have secured ourselves a Bungalow on the very seafront. The internals of the bungalow are of a pretty decent standard (you can upgrade to bungalows with aircon and toilets if you want to) comprising of 2 single mattresses on the huts floor, a large mosquito net, 2x power points and a fan. ‘The New Hut’ itself is a well presented little set up with good toilet and shower facilities, a bar/restaurant and a shop….what more do you need?!?! It’s hard to tell at this point who the clientele generally is but from what we’ve seen they range from late teens to early 30’s. We are paying 175 Baht each a night (359 Baht for twin single hut) which is the equivalent of around £3.50.

To get here we checked out a few buses, or as they call them VIP buses, which to be fair are pretty decent with aircon, reclining seats, toilet and a film, even if the film was Tokyo Drift which may be one of the biggest pieces of shit ever made, watching dick’eds looking at gimpy cars and following an ever increasingly sporadic quick pointless story line…….I’m pretty sure the main guy just needs to look at a girl and they fall in love with him in this thing…..maybe I’m just jealous…..but I digress.

The buses are pretty easy to get on and the tickets are easy to find, just have a look around a few stands in the streets and alleys where they are advertising trips to the islands. We only booked at 3pm (classic Ian and Scott, just looked at each other and said “fuck it, let’s go tonight”) and were on the bus by 6:30pm the same day. It cost us 500 Baht each (around £10) and this gets you a 10 hour bus ride, followed by a tuk tuk, followed by a 30 min bus before finally a one hour boat ride to the island. Not bad for a tenner! Or if you’re in England, a kebab and 2 pints!

You can’t really get lost doing this as despite sometime standing around like us looking lost and slightly remedial, eventually someone tells you where to be. Easy.

On arrival to the island there are a host of taxis waiting to take you wherever you want, but as part of our accommodation (which was actually sold to us on the boat ride over as we are far too cool to pre book!!!!) the taxi to our place was included in the room price, which was pretty good as others just getting a taxi were paying 150 Baht (£3).

More on Koh Samui Later…and hopefully some scooter action!

Love Scotty x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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