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Sun setting on Cottesloe Beach, Perth, Australia.

Where Are We Going Next!?

I have found myself with a spare few minutes on this cool Sunday evening in Perth so I have decided to write a small post about what is happening at the moment and where our next adventure will lead us. Obviously as we have mentioned in previous posts our next destination is the wonderful country of Vietnam where I hope to uncover some awesome beaches and take on their local cuisine, man do I miss the Asian food! McDonalds, Subway and KFC are not doing me any favours not to mention my wallet! But on the bright side at least I will appreciate the stunning flavours and aromas involved with Vietnamese food…

I’m actually eating cold soulless spaghetti from the tin as I write this as I can’t bring myself to walk fifteen minutes down the road to eat yet another Dominoes pizza. Spaghetti from the value tin with a spoon is definitely a new low for me haha and annoyingly I know this $1 tin is more expensive than some great street food in Asia.

We will try and aim to stay in Vietnam as close to one month as we possibly can before the visa and funds dwindle but will pack in as much as possible in this time, taking on as many opportunities and invites which are passed our way. Over the last few days here at the Billabong hostel I have got to know a lad called John who left everything behind in England a couple of years back to break free from the 9-5 rat race and find a country which suits his tastes and beliefs. He has now set up a company in Laos where he builds tepees as a form of accommodation for other travellers to stay in. He loves it and has leased the land for ten years from the government and has come over to Australia as part of his visa and earn money to take back to expand his business. He has saved tirelessly and accrued $11000 to take back with him in just under five months. He did the classic Gumtree ad and was approached by a variety of potential employers asking him whether he had any necessary experience in various job roles. He has ended up installing air conditioning units at $40 per job and basically told a few fibs to secure the job. He cannot drive and he has never worked in the trades and he was in actual fact working a desk job for a British bank before he jacked it in to embark on travelling. Fair play to the boy. He has worked hard and has actually been offered sponsorship by his employer but sadly has to break the new to him this week that he will be returning to Laos to continue with his dream. To cut the story short, which I at times find difficult lol, he has invited Scotty and myself to join him there if we are at the base of Vietnam. If I can get across there then I will as we didn’t have the opportunity the first time around to do the deep south of Laos and only got as far as Vientiane.

After Vietnam we are unsure whether to fly back to Cairns or Sydney to go straight into the regional work needed to extend our working holiday visas so we will decide by flipping a coin or something in a bar in Vietnam no doubt. The two other countries I intend to cover before May next year are China and Nepal…possibly Mongolia. Not sure why I have gone for Mongolia but it is next to China so it would be rude not to I think. I’m going to do some serious research in the following weeks to see what the best routes are to take which are slightly off the beaten track (to spice up the trip a bit) and will be compiling a route planner which I’ll put up as a post to let others benefit.

Ok so my spaghetti is done, and its getting towards and early night for me ready to be fully fresh for the roasting day at Cottesloe beach with the Dogg…Good night for now J

Thomo x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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