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Florence, Italy – Gallery

For many, this is the artistic centre of Italy and the whole renaissance period...to me my interest was on exactly this but we were unfortunate to be plagued by torrential rain on the days we were there...still certainly worth the visit but it would have been nicer to be sat al fresco surrounded by beauty...we did try but it wasn't quite the same!!

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Milatos, Crete, Greece – Gallery

If you don't want the frenetic atmosphere of Malia or the large hotel complexes around Crete then you will find this such a fantastic relaxed village with different restaurants every night and beautiful clear water to swim in. This was a superb choice of places to stay on Crete which itself has so, so much to offer.

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Sassi, Matera, Italy – Gallery

The Sassi is a Unesco protected section of Matera in Basilicata, Italy. Characterised by cave dwellings and establishments this is a fascinating place to visit.

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Agia Galini, Crete at night – Gallery

Agia Galini is a beach resort during the day but of course it really comes into it's own in the evening with a full selection of wonderful restaurants and bars to relax and party the night away...there are plenty of different little shops to entice you in too.

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Agia Galini, Crete shopping – Gallery

Agia Galini may not be the shopping centre of Crete but you can have a relaxing time walking it's jumble of streets looking for the right shop for you...there are quaint novel shops here and they all come to life at night time after the siesta.

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