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Alex Honnold – Alone on the Wall Documentary

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Climbing one of the highest walls in North America with no ropes, Alex Honnald takes on the most ambitious climb of his life using climbing style known as free-soloing.

Alex is probably one of the most mental people currently on this planet! Watching this documentary made me feel sick at times (not a huge lover of heights!). His ability to stay calm, remain focused and conduct precision climbing with poise is idolised throughout the climbing community.

Born in August 17, 1985, he’s been climbing since he was 11 years old. Known mostly for his “big-wall free-soloing” Alex has also broken a number of speed climbing records and is currently the only person in history to free solo climb the 18 hour 50 minute link up of Mt. Watkins known as Yosemite Triple crown.

This short 20 minute or so documentary will give you a glimpse into Alex’s world. Definitely worth a watch!

A fantastic piece on Alex Honnald can be found here: http://www.esquire.co.uk/2012/11/the-long-read-alex-honnold-adventure/

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  1. Alex Honnold is definitely one of the bravest and most concentrated guy ever! 😉 I could never stop watching that video! Can’t wait to be back on the wall… 🙂