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Garbage Warrior – Eco Film

This is an enthralling documentary which I watched and wrote about initially when we owned www.documentarytube.com and I am inspired to post it separately on this site following a chance meeting with two young paragliders in a cafe in Pokhara, Nepal. They have embarked upon their own eco project in the hills overlooking Pokera and close to the launchsite for their paragliding passion.

Lucian and Pierre are from Germany(originally from Romania) and France but have far reaching views for a sustainable project in Nepal which will allow them to continue flying at minimum cost both to themselves and to the planet in general. These guys will be an inspiration to many of their peers in the future and so this video is just to refocus attention onto something which is close to my heart and so so many others on this planet….

The following words are extracts from the text I originally wrote for Documentarytube and I encourage you to visit this really good site even if we no longer own and manage it!!

The video is not simply about the fascinating subject of Garbage recycling and bio-diversity along with the architechtural designs associated with biotechture but as much to do with the struggle against the massively obstructive US Government legislature in order to explore different mechanisms to survive against the global warming in the world.

Architect Michael Reynolds strives against the odds to develop techniques and diversity to provide self sustainability for many.

He maps the progress of his many “Earthship” communities and how each have come into being. Using solar energy and utilising garbage in his buildings (Beer bottles, plastic bottles etc) he has over the years built special buildings in New Mexico which are totally “Off-grid” using no gas, electric or water.

Reynolds shows how these remarkable buildings require no heat even in the height of winter when it can get to minus 35 degrees.

This starts as a fantastic evolutionary “Grand Design” type documentary but you then begin to be drawn into the complex and TOTALLY frustrating regime of legislating which seeks to prevent any degree of change; often to solely protect other carbon inefficient industries! The documentary is a rollercoaster of excitement for the enthusiastic followed by real dips when dealing with the politics.

It took Reynolds to take his team to a Tsunami area and build some structures there before some of the self motivated , agenda focused, politicians to grant him the opportunity to develop his radical thinking and development.

I intend to introduce further video awareness of the ecological issues around the world and how we as individuals might make an impact that could benefit all mankind.

What are your thoughts on the way we live our lives at the moment?

Give me your views in the comments box below…then we can jointly do something.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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  1. I have been deeply moved by this film and would recommend that everyone watch it. It delivers so many messages. Michael is a good honest man and is passionate about life and the environment we live in. He faced so many obstacles, people and laws to try and change things. In the end, it was the work and the work of his friends that shone through when he came to their rescue and helped so many people. It is so sad that bad things happen and that we can’t prevent things before hand. Having said that thank god for people like Michael. It just goes to show that what ever life challenges we face, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks Gary for Sharing.

    • Thanks Maggie…it is amazing how we ignore so much good advice which could help the planet in general….there is plenty of energy to go around but corporations are determine to be money grabbing entities with no concern for the well being of others…we can only keep aware.