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TEDxRainier – Patti Dobrowolski – Draw Your Future

Patti Dobrowolski is a nationally acclaimed comic performer, high-performance business consultant, speaker, strategic illustrator and newly minted author, she spends her time focused on new neuroscience discoveries that leverage the power of imagination and visuals to actualize a vision of the future.

TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

What do we want in life?

When we think about what we want in life, we often talk about it, but never really believe in our hearts that we can actually have it. Here in this seminar Patti Dobrowolski takes you through a process by drawing that will allow your mind to create on paper what you really want. The human mind is a powerful thing and half the battle is tricking your brain and convincing it that what you want is real.  You can use this process if you want to run your own business, go travelling or have a life that is less stressful and fulfilling.  Oxytocin and serotonin is released in the body when we draw and dream, and this also makes us feel happy and creative. We spend too much time in life thinking about and talking about what we don’t want and getting it, then focusing on what we do want. Being creative is a good way to express how you feel and draw images that reflect this. We have all heard of the placebo effect, whereby you give someone a tablet that they think is a drug, when in fact it is nothing more than just plain old powder, but because their mind thinks its real, they start to have lots of different sensations, feeling sick, dizzy, numbness, so if we can create this which is unreal, then we can create a life that is real and one that gives us what we most desire.

To do this just follow the 3 step process:

– See it

– Believe

– Act on it

So if a new life is what you want, then give it a go and see where it takes you.



Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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  1. I am totally sold on this advice…this video short is very much aligned to another full length docufilm “The Secret” which discusses this very phenomena. If anyone needs proof of the reality in this, then you can take a lead from the guys building and writing on this site….every one of them have gone through the process of accessing their lives and made the decision to make the changes they have visualised…and they are now in the middle of the changes…and enjoying every minute (nearly) of it!!!

    For me … I was Joe, the guy drawn in the video…twice. And I am now making major changes for the second time (age doesn’t matter) so it does work…:)

    • I would like to think that I am no longer Joe and that only resume this identity when I am unsure of my next venture. Having total believe in this system, I now use my knowledge and new found faith and beliefs and share with others in the the hope that they will believe it just like me.

  2. More documentaries like this please, very thought provoking and life changing! Thank you so much for sharing with me.


  3. We will see what we can do for you Sid…thanks for the comment. There is so so much more to contemplate of course

    Cheers Gary