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Unveiled and Lifted Documentary

unveiled-and-lifted-documentary-coverIs it time for you to stop giving your power and freedom away to government and other people who claim to know what is ‘best’ for you? Whilst most of us have to live under government control, there are certain aspects which we can take back for ourselves.

Many of us are taught from children that government knows best and that they are elected or brought into power to better serve the community – I personally do not believe this to be true. I believe most governments, especially those in the Western world, surpress societies and collectively work together in order to build fear amongst people to create a more manageable population.

The most commonly talked about issues in parliament that cause people to become anxious (overpopulation, poverty, financial collapse, food prices etc) can be better dealt with if the collective are willing to educate themselves fully on the subjects and work together, outside of government, to push for better resolutions. Governments can be slow to act and have become surrounded in red tape, often meaning that pressing issues are lost in ‘paperwork’ and never fully resolved.

Many of the issues raised in this documentary will be opposed by many, and some arguments may not be accepted as ‘valid’ by others, but an interesting watch that makes you think…

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