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When we Grow – Exploring the myths surrounding Cannabis

This well produced video is not to promote the use of cannabis as a recreational drug but rather to explore both the myths surrounding both the plant species and the uses of this species in industry and for medicinal purposes. Cannabis or Marijuana or Hemp is not just the happy drug that many of us associate with these names but if you Google cannabis you will uncover over 21 Million hits so it is indeed an emotive subject.

Hemp in one form can be used to run cars on fuel produced and this fuel is carbon neutral….but would the petro chemical companies supporting Governments REALLY want to reintroduce this easily grown alternative to their expensive and planet devouring fuel?!

The hemp fibre is one of the strongest natural materials and can be used in so many ways…indeed has been in the past. It produces ropes, clothing etc and has been used in car manufacture. It has much superior qualities to wood for making paper and again could compete with the major paper producing companies and again reduce the carbon footprint and reduce deforestation.

Hemp can also be used as a negative carbon footprint building material when mixed with another natural product, lime to produce a breathable and very strong walling structure…hempcrete.

Cannabis is one of the oldest crops and it hasn’t always been illegal to grow in USA but conflict of interests with other industries has now made cannabis growing illegal more due to commercial implications than medical.

Hemp can be grown under license but must be of a grade which would not allow you to become high on the drug.

Ironically, medical use is supported in California even though it is against Federal Law whereas in Holland it is totally legal and in some ways is subsidised by the Government. (there areMillions of Euros generated in taxes)

UK wastes so much on prohibiting cannabis whilst in the Netherlands hemp generates millions in revenue and indeed for government taxation.

Prohibition brings a whole host of issues which requires a fortune to administer and creates many more shocking criminal activities which would not exist where it not for prohibition.  An Executive Summary in a CATO report deems that prohibition (albeit for alcohol) does not work…so why keep introducing the same technique in an attempt to gain some form of political supremacy?

Politicians have made decisions blatantly ignoring the evidence of the chief scientists and have ignored their advisors.

The video also spend a good time investigating the effects of drug use and the comparisons with other legal substances like alcohol and smoking.

There are many myths surrounding the affects and effects of cannabis use and this video seeks to break these down for us.  It is for example, recognised as less addictive than alcohol.

No-one has ever died of smoking cannabis

Everything needed to grow cannabis is readily available and is actually legal.
Hydroponics is big business and can be conducted in your front room.

But it is illegal to grow cannabis…you cannot germinate a cannabis seed because this is now illegal.

Cannabis is a Class B drug and therefore it is difficult to accept that this was one of the oldest medicinal drugs until 1971 when the government overreacted and banned the drug and this ban meant that those in need of medicinal use are now criminalised. Indeed in Victorian times Marijuana was described as a Wonder Drug so why impose irrational restrictions now that this is not dis-proven?

Cannabis works best in its natural form…this prevents the medical pharmaceutical companies from patenting and therefore making millions….one of the main reasons legalisation has been prevented.

MS sufferers are in a terrible situation that they cannot alleviate their conditions without growing their own “medicine”.

Surely clearing up the doubts could allow the legalised growing and limited use of this plant…and use in so many other applications to ease the climate issues surrounding deforestation.

This is a very informative video and well worth a watch…if you have strong feelings either way, then please air your views in the comments box below.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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