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Chania harbour, Crete, Greece

Chania, Crete, Greece – Gallery

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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About Gary

I represent the 50+ age group of travellers and travel writers on this site. After 30yrs in the Air Force and further years in big business I have twice jacked in highly paid jobs to travel extensively...read how I done so here. In this past year alone I will have travelled to and lived for substantial periods of time in Greece, Greek Islands, Italy, India, Nepal and Thailand and will be posting articles about these places on this site. I am very open to any questions relating to travel, wwoofing, housesitting, house renting, art and spiritual matters so feel free to contact me directly

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  1. Nice photos of Chania . A unique place and harbor for a perfect Holidays .

    • Hi…thanks for the comment. Sorry it has taken a while to respond to you but I am actually travelling in India at the moment and have poor internet connectivity. I will be writing a full article on Chania shortly along with catching up with the other sites in Crete so if there is anything you would like me to include then feel free to put something in writing for me and I can make every effort to include your thoughts along with mine. I absolutely fell in love with Crete whilst there and want to present the Island to others in the best way possible.

      kind regards