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Oprah Winfrey “The Thoughts And Events That Changed My Life Forever”

Have you ever really wanted something good to happen in your life, new car, new job, that trip you have always dreamed of, but often feel that it won’t happen or that you don’t deserve it?  Here, Oprah Winfrey shares with us a story about her life that completely changed her way of thinking and also gave her a new believe.

We have touched on before how drawing the life you want can create the things that you most desire, so here are a few more things, that may also help with this.

Often in life there are things that happen that we just can’t explain how they happened in a scientific way, but they truly did happen.  In this true story Oprah shares with us, the events that led her to be given a major role in the film “The Color Purple”.

How connecting to things can change our lives

It would appear that Oprah has always wanted to be in films or TV, but the most important thing here is that she wanted to play this part because she connected with it.  The part she played was somewhat like her life.  Oprah in playing this part, was able to face her fears of always trying to be seen or heard and never feeling quite good enough, or being told that she couldn’t do things.  By playing this character she showed the world what she was capable of, but also was able to on screen let go of all the old hurts and fears that she had kept within for so long.

She never thought that she would get this part, even though the events that happened led her to audition for it.  In fact she even went into doubt and then decided to just let go of the whole thing.  She would be gracious to the actress who got the role and would try to be able to forget about it.  As she was singing I surrender, the phone rang and it was about the film.  She was offered the part, played the part and was a huge success and also went on to host the massive successful show Oprah.

An explanation or theory about how this all happened

When we we are growing up, we start to develop personalities or have certain traits about us and these things are the things that come from within and what people refer to as our soul.  We have certain feelings,values and behaviors that make us who we are.  As we grow up we start to evaluate what we like and what we don’t like and the things that make us happy or what we are passionate about.

If as a child you find yourself always looking after your friends when they are hurt or upset or generally being there for them and others, you will find that a career in caring is what you will be most suited to.  This is whats called a life/Career path.  Oprah’s life path, led her to want to be in a role whereby she could help others and show the world that people do listen and that you are never alone, but on a massive platform and being a spokesperson.

What Oprah did was connect to the book. She identified the character as her and probably became emotional when reading it.  She then knew that this is me and I want to come out of the dark and play this part.  She drummed up enough energy about it, by talking about it.  She got the audition, but if you remember the audition was for the film moon song, Oprah wants the color purple.   She goes away and gives it up.

Releasing what you most desire brings it closer to you

When we release something, what happens is the resistance becomes less and we allow things to happen.  When Oprah gave up the whole thing, something happened.  We often find that when we are at our lowest and can’t go on and just give up what’s troubling us, amazing things happen, new opportunities happen.  It is almost as if we have to close the door, before a new one opens.

As for the title, well to get something we have to align with it, so I would imagine before the phone call the title was changed to the color purple, Oprah now aligns with this and the rest is history.  Aligning is like sharing the same visions and passions, with places, people or jobs and at a soul level. Oprah can’t align because the title is wrong  even though everything else matches.

Not everyone will have experienced what Oprah has experienced.  What some of us may have experienced is going for a job and not getting it.  People may often say that something better is around the corner.  I have had many around the corners, and if you all think about it you have to.


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