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Taking a Career Break From Your Paid Job

If packing up all your belongings and heading off around the world is not an option, then why not opt for a Sabbatical?

This time can be used to simply relax, or you can take the opportunity to pick up a new skill. If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, then a sabbatical might inspire you in ways that your regular life could not. Perhaps you were thinking of pursuing a completely new career path in the medical field, if this is the case, then maybe the time off would inspire you to pursue a degree in health care ethics. It’s easy to get a degree online, and it might be the next step you need to take to reach success. Most nurses go back to school to minor in health care ethics since it is important to know how to deal with patients and other nurses during a difficult dispute. Remember that you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

A sabbatical  which is a career break are becoming more and more acceptable by employers these days.  Good staff are hard to come by, and if you can show your boss or bosses that there is a win win for all by taking a break and learning new things, you maybe on your way, to taking that well deserved time out you have been hoping for.

What are career Breaks?

It is an opportunity to take a break from the daily pressures at work, but rather than giving up your job, you work with your boss to agree time out for say up to a year, but you will return back to your original job, or similar job, if there have been organisation changes while you have been away.

What options are available when taking a break?

You may decide that you just want to relax and have some chill time and travel at your own pace.  There are however other options that you may choose.  Here are a list of things that you could opt for.

Learning a new Language

The best place to learn a new language is in the country or countries in which the language is spoken.  Language courses can be sought and booked for as little as a week to up to a year.  This depends on the amount of time you would like to allocate to doing this.  These courses are for people of all ages and come in different levels. So if this is something that you would like to do, then why not take a look at the following website for more information and also contact them if you have any specific questions or would like to book a course.  The web address www.applelanguages.com and the company is called Apple Languages.

Painting Holidays

Some people are now going further a field with their creative talents.  Holidays are no longer just by the beach, but instead painting in groups in places like, Spain, Italy or France.  If this is something you enjoy then why not visit this webpage for some ideas on locations. www.art-holidays.com.


You may decide for a more relaxing approach and yoga is something that you enjoy and would like to learn more about.  If this is the case, then why not look at this site for inspiration and locations.  www.yogatraveller.com

There are other forms of retreats that you can go on like, Reflexology, massage or detox programmes.

Volunteer work

There are a vast amount of areas that you can volunteer for.  One key thing is to try and match your skills and expertise to a specific field.  You can volunteer in areas such as:

Communications and Fundraising, Health, HIV and Aids, Teaching and Education and Animals and Natural Resources.  There are many more.  Take a look at this web site for more information on the above and many more areas that you can get involved in. www.vso.org.uk.

I have some concerns about travelling and need clarification

More and more people are now biting the bullet and making their dreams come true.  Gone are the days, where people would think it strange that you go on holiday or on trips by yourself.

Lots of holidays, volunteer work, retreats and learning programmes, all welcome people on their own or in groups.  At the end of the day, you are going for you and nobody else and what you do and learn is for you, so it really doesn’t matter if you are by yourself.  What you can do is contact these organisations or travel companies and explain that you are by yourself.  What they will do is provide you with lots of information that will be helpful to you, but also will help relax your mind and make you feel at ease.  There will be other people that you meet who are in a similar position as you, you may meet people on the plane or when you get to your destination, so you are never really alone.  Do some research before you go and talk to people you know, as they may have travelled alone before and can help you.

Travel Vaccinations, Immunisations and general care abroad for you and Children

Many families are now taking their children to countries where protection against diseases is a must.  The key thing to remember is to check all the facts first.

The first point of call would be to contact your local doctors surgery. When contacting them ask for an appointment to discuss travel and immunization for your children as well as your self.  Your doctors surgery will have the most up to date information for you regarding the countries you are visiting, the vaccinations you will need and what vaccinations your children will need.  They may also be able to offer advice on caring for children in different countries in terms of different foods and diets.  They will also be able to give you a list of items to take with you to help while away. e.g antiseptic creams, anti-histamines etc.  If you or your child is on current medication don’t forget to ask for a letter from your GP and ensure that you have enough supplies.  It may also be wise to determine what other medications are available in the countries you are visiting in case you lose yours.

How do I plan my Sabbatical?

1. Review your companies policies to check first that this option is available and if you cannot find any information contact your HR Dept to discuss this, or your boss if you are self employed

2. To make everything easier, it may be worth creating a folder and a check list.  This way, you can ensure you have covered everything, and that no information is missing when you come to present your case as to why you should be granted a leave of absence.

3. Make a list of what you want to do for your sabbatical and the reasons behind it.  If you feel stressed and want to go on a retreat to learn meditation, Yoga or relaxation techniques, then write these down.  You may want to learn a new language,but would like to learn it in the native country.

4. Do some research, on the internet and at your local library and pop into your travel agents also.  This will help you plan dates and help you look for exactly what you want and where and what the availabilities are also.

5.  You need a clear objective also.  Taking time out just to go on holiday, probably won’t cut it, so you need to back up your case.  Your company, may have a sister company where you are going, so you could offer to work there for a week or so.  You may want to go into a training role, or may already be in one, but would like to progress, so doing volunteer work in schools and teaching, may give you the required skills to achieve this and also win your boss over with the big yes that you are praying for.

6. Set up a budget plan.  Break it down, bit by bit, so you can see how much money you will need for, planes, taxis, hotels, food, insurance etc.  Don’t forget the rainy day money also.  There can be those occasions, when things don’t always go to plan, so a little extra on top would be advisable.

7. Make a list of what needs to be done while you are away.  You may decide to rent out your house, or you may ask a relative or neighbor to take care of your property. If you have pets, sorting out care for these.  You may also want to contact your insurance company for household insurance, as policies are slightly different for houses or dwellings that are left for periods of time unoccupied.  Don’t forget contact details as well, if you need to be contacted urgently.  Maybe, do a what if, list, so that a least your family and friends know what to do, if say there was a leak or other accident happened to your property.

8. Don’t forget to plan ahead for your homecoming.  You may decide to contact your boss every few months to discuss your current plans, and the, what if I decide to leave and not come back question maybe one to ask when you meet your boss, especially if you have to give notice.  Rental companies will want to know when you return, as your home may have been rented out and it may not always be a case that you return and your home is empty, so think about you may have to pay for accommodation until contracts have been served.   The whole idea of doing this is to ensure that you still have your job and don’t come home high and dry without one.

Last but not least, enjoy yourself, as you only live once.

Please enjoy this video, its a very uplifting piece based on the book by Dr Seuss called “Oh the places you’ll go.

Oh the places you’ll Go


Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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