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Why You Should Quit Your Job and Go Travelling

Have you ever wanted to quit your job and go travelling? Why don’t you?!

Well I’ve compiled a little but tasty top 10 list of all the reasons I think people should quit their job and go travelling. Most come in response from a little notebook I kept of all the reasons I hated my job!

You’re not happy in your current job, and want something better

bored-guy-at-work-officeThe only way this will ever change is by taking active steps into changing your current lifestyle. Write down all the things that drive you crazy about your current life, all the things that are ‘holding you back’ and all your fears… next, do something every day to help progress yourself onto a path you want to live.

Only you can change your own life.

freedomIf you’re not happy and want something better then start taking the necessary steps needed in order to be happy. Note, materialistic possessions do not make people happy, they are a burden on your life and a freedom, they are meaningless objects of attachment and the more you own the harder it is to let go and start being free – Start selling everything you don’t need today or give it away, when you finally have only a small number of possessions, walking away with them or putting them in a box at a friend’s house is very easy. Make an effort to sell what you have each week, the money you earn can easily add up to pay for your travels.

Anything you currently own can be sold and repurchased at a later date and often at a lower price (thank you depreciation!).

Set up an account on eBay and start selling today. Smaller items you can put on gumtree or Freecycle or have a carboot sale/garage sale if you’re not keen selling on the internet and doing all the posting. 

You only have a limited time on this planet

You really do have only a limited time on this planet, you best make the most of it. Should you die tomorrow or the day after or next month, wouldn’t you rather die whilst travelling the world than stuck in your current job? Remember… Live FREE, DIE Travelling!!

You can get a similar job if you want when you get back (or find the job of your dreams when your travelling).

best-job-in-the-worldDon’t worry about your job prospects if/once you return, the chances are that once you have been away travelling you’ll have a greater appreciation for life and will most likely not want to continue doing the same job as what you’re currently doing. You may even find your ‘calling’ in life when you are away on your travels.

By leaving the future up to fate you are freeing your mind and allowing yourself to travel. If you do decide you want the same job when you return then go and get it. Easy.

If you discover a love for travel and want to write about your life whilst earning money at the same time then consider becoming an author for Live Free Die Travelling.

You have the chance to escape the capitalist system where nothing is ever enough

Keeping-up-with-the-JonesesIn the UK, U.S. and most of Europe we have been indoctrinated into a capitalist society where we never feel we have enough of anything and always striving for more (often money, wealth and power). This is not a good system in my eyes, and the quicker you can escape it and start to enjoy the simple pleasures (and often much cheaper) the better.

Get out whilst you still can and learn to get enjoyment from non-materialistic methods.

You will meet many great people who know how to live

hippiesPeople are great. We are pack animals at heart and love to be around interesting people. You’ll meet the most interesting people in your life through travel, often these people can help broaden your mind, teach you new skills and help you develop as a person.

People that you meet may often have fewer possessions or less money but often are countless times happier than you and I. I think it is important to learn from them; this will become ever more apparent if you visit countries in the third world where community is still the essence of their culture.

You’ll have stories to tell your Grand children

Don’t be the boring granddad that sits at home occasionally pottering around in the garden… be an inspiration to people around you, let them know what it is to live life to the fullest, entertain them on wintery nights with crazy stories of your past.

It’s good for your health

meditationTravelling is stress free if you want it to be. It’s about letting go of your inhibitions and letting the world take you to where you need to be. If you have a stressful job, then every day you go to work is taking time off your life. Stress kills in many ways.

By travelling the world, you can pick and choose where you want to go. If you enjoy laying on the beach under the sun, then bask away, get a tan, top up your vitamin D. If you prefer to take part in sports ie. Skiing, then go do that. If you can live your life knowing that at every point in your life since you decided to go travelling you did what you wanted to do, I guarantee you you’ll have the greatest life ever.

You never know what’s out there

People are scared of the unknown; they are fearful of adventure and often prefer the security of a house and a 9-5 job. It is common in the western world to feel this way but it holds many of us back from exploring the world. By living in fear you are supporting ‘the machine’, the government, you give up your rights, your freedoms and your money  because you think they can protect you and serve you. They can’t.

You can re-gain your spirit of adventure

the-goonies_childhood-adventureWhat happened to that childhood kid inside you? The one that used to go on adventures excited by the fact that you didn’t know what you would find when you got to wherever it was you ‘thought’ you were going? Time to quit your job and take back your life. When you were a child did you dream of having the job you currently have now? Would you be annoyed at yourself if you were to see how you ended up? Do something about it today!

You can get a tan

burnt_to_a_crispWhen was the last time you were tanned for more than 2 weeks? Why not follow the sun around the world and get the tan you’ve always dreamed of? It’s natural and healthy and scientifically proven to release stress and make you a happier person. We’re built to be outside in natural light, not stuck inside under flourescent tubing…

You can learn something you’ve always wanted to learn

If you’ve never had the time do learn a new language, commit yourself to yoga or train for a sporting event  then you’ll have no excuse when you’re travelling the world. If you want to learn a new language, why not go to that country and engross yourself with their culture? You’ll soon see how quickly you pick things up when you can dedicated your life towards reaching your goals!

You will experience freedom in the fullest sense

naked-man-streaker-streets-idiotIn this world people wrongly strive for money as it is seen that money equals freedom. This is completely untrue. You do not need money to be free, in many ways money can entrap you and prevent you from becoming free. If you can detach yourself from money they you can truly become free.

No one will know you so no one can judge you, you can do what you want

Your true character will come out when you start to realise that you can drop your defences and you no longer have to act in a certain way to become approved by your peers. You will develop into a more genuine person and people will start to love you for who you are.

You can experience tastes which you’ve never tasted before

Dog meat is relatively common in Vietnam, and when grilled is called thit cho nuongIn today’s modern culture (Western Europe and USA) we are working longer hours in more stressful jobs often for less pay, this leads us into finding quick fixes for food and ultimately leads us into eating unhealthily.

Most people do their entire shop in one supermarket because it is more convenient. We are trusting huge corporate conglomerates with their cleaver advertising methods to provide to us good, healthy, locally produced, natural food. Instead we get pre-packaged, microwaved stodge that have no nutrients and can lead to health problems, they do this for profits and do not care about the consumer.

Go travelling and not only will your body thank you for it but you’ll get to experience what real food tastes like.

All your senses will tingle with new feelings

Sights, sounds, touches and tastes are all heightened when you go travelling and add to the overall pleasures and enjoyments. These new experiences will make you feel alive.

You can decide what is really important to you

After travelling around for a few months, living out of a bag and having time to get to know yourself, you’ll begin to realise what you truely enjoy in life, the simple things that make you happy. I guarantee you will not be craving seat covers for your new car or the latest iPhone…

you can live a ‘rich’ lifestyle in a poor country (if you choose)

Many people decide to indulge themselves in poorer countries to live the life they have always dreamed of; full of exquisite foods, big houses, swimming pools etc. If this is your thing then fine.

You can see what it’s like to feel ‘lost’ and ‘Scared’

dark-alleyStep outside your comfort box and reconnect with feelings you’ve lost over the years… Being scared or lost can actually be quite a good feeling at times if you know how to deal with it. Some of the best times in my life have been as a result of loosing myself or losing my way in life, but I was happy to go with whatever fate decided for me, and had a bloody good time (for the most part) in walking the path!

You won’t have anyone to tell you what to do

If you travel solo you travel free. You can do what you want, when you want, no boss, no worries no commitments. This can also be achieved if you have a good friend or two or a like-minded parter. Many people are so used to routine, order and stress that they get lost and anxious when they go travelling for the first time as it hasn’t quite sunk in that they are now their own boss of their life and free to do what they please. It’s a great feeling and once you’ve experienced it for a while you’ll not want to go back…

You can get up whenever you want

Want to have a lie in? Go for it! Stay in bed for 2 days if you want, who’s to tell you otherwise?!

You can live with everything you have on your back

BackpackersI personally carry a hammock, a 4 season waterproof sleeping bag, an axe and numerous other ‘travel essentials’ which allow me to sleep wherever I want and be comfortable. This may be taking things to the extreme for many people but for me it takes one less worry from my travelling experience (finding somewhere to stay and being warm).

Still though, hostel prices are dirt cheap and you can often stay in private rooms for a few bucks a night, if travelling with a partner or friend it becomes even cheaper.

You can get back in touch with nature

Forest-TreesI urge everyone to get back in touch with nature. It brings happiness on so many levels. If you can do one thing today, please take off your shoes and socks and go for a walk on the grass in a park or local field… this always brings me back to reality and it feels so natural.

I hope this has inspired some of you to quit your job and go travelling? If you’ve got any inspirational messages or advice hit them up in the comments section below!

Peace out,

Pablo x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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