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Flying to Kathmandu from India

The journey from India to Nepal (Kathmandu)is best done by plane but there is also the extended but less comfortable route by train and bus dependent upon where you are leaving India from. I was leaving from Delhi and decided on a flight costing approx £60 one way from Delhi International Airport to Kathmandu Tribhuban International Airport. The airport is easily accessed using the new and efficient metro from down town Delhi. An Airport Hotel In my …

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An Evening in London: An Ideal Night on the Tiles

There’s nothing better than being able to shut the door to the office for the weekend, to enjoy a well-earned break. Whether you have plans to spend it with your little ones or you’re heading for the bright lights of London to enjoy what’s on offer there, having the chance to let go every once in awhile is much-needed. Visit Travelodge.co.uk to find cheap hotels in London if you have plans in the capital – …

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Cherai Beach Resort, Kerala, India

Although we stayed in a self catering homestay on Cherai Beach, Kerala, India, we did spend a fair amount of time in this resort using their bar facilities and gaining internet access. The Cherai Beach Resort is classed as 4* and in many ways it lives up to this rating. In other ways it does now fall somewhat short. When newly built the resort would undoubtedly have been the cutting edge in this type of …

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How much does a trip to India cost?

So you have a dream to travel to India and you need an answer to the simple question… “How much does it cost to travel to and in India?” Well that really depends upon a number of factors; some which apply to all travellers, some which are consequent upon your itinerary and others which are very specifically determined by the comfort and style of travelling that only you can select. 6 weeks in India My …

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House-Sitting Is NOT for Everyone

So you want to travel the world, visit different continents and save a few pennies on accomodation at the same time? If so then house-sitting could be a very viable option for you. The concept is simple, you stay in someones house whilst they are away (sometimes for a week, a few months or even up to 1 year!), often for free, and in return you look after their pets, their garden and sometimes carry …

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