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Bangkok, just a few more pics – Gallery

There are many images of Bangkok and these are just a few more as supplements. There is so much to see and do in Bangkok and many often use it simply as a staging post for further travels in the beautiful Thailand countryside or escape to the many and various beaches and Islands. Different districts in Bangkok are linked by an excellent traffic system and so all the key attractions; Temples, pagodas, river, restaurants, nightlife and many others besides are well within reach.

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Bangkok Airport

So we have arrived in Bangkok, literally no idea what to expect…armed with no map, no idea of costs and no real sense of how people get around. Much of the issues we faced could’ve been avoided if we just booked a Bangkok hotel online. I looked into some of the online options after this crazy adventure, and I’ve gotta say I was kicking myself when I saw how easy it would’ve been to get …

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