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Delhi, India – Gallery

This is not JUST a dirty, busy, frenetic, smog filled city...it is also the most fascinating place to explore. A riot of colour and a wealth of culture stemming from the different rulers down to the presence of the British colonials.

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How much does a trip to India cost?

So you have a dream to travel to India and you need an answer to the simple question… “How much does it cost to travel to and in India?” Well that really depends upon a number of factors; some which apply to all travellers, some which are consequent upon your itinerary and others which are very specifically determined by the comfort and style of travelling that only you can select. 6 weeks in India My …

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Prague, Czech Rep – Gallery

Prague is a fantastic city with everything you can require in a city break or even a longer visit. There is splendid architecture, culture, museums, great bars and clubs and the prices make this an exciting place to visit. I remember Paul abandoning me on a night out!!

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Explain LIFESTYLE to me…

Camping on Sougia Beach, Crete, Greece

So what IS Lifestyle? We find ourselves picking up magazines and watching a plethora of trivial TV programmes all annotated with the title of LIFESTYLE…it’s a phrase so often used in modern day life and in so many books, documents, publications and in the media and I simply wonder whether anyone stops to contemplate what the phrase means to you as an individual. “It’s self explanatory” I hear you say and yes initially that would …

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