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Ho Chi Minh Saigon Photo Gallery

Our first stop in Vietnam. Feel like a celebrity as you walk off the plane with absolutely everybody staring at you! This is a good country to feel like a Z list celebrity on a budget ha ha. Mopeds everywhere, smog, poverty, street food, prostitution and cheap prices. I loved it! Anywhere you can buy a litre of vodka for $3 can't be wrong...Right? Expect some disturbing images from the war remnants museum and some random child-like 'bromantic' behavior from Scotty and I under the influence of the $3 Vodka. And yes the vest which Scotty is wearing in this photo is my pissed up creation so if you want a copy gimme a bell, I make them all from scratch as I have a natural free-hand ability to write in straight lines...Needles to say he thinks the vest is awesome and can't go out without it ;)

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Mile High Toilet Head Club

It has fallen on me (a usual) to write up our journey to get to Vietnam. This is usually due to the fact that Ian sleeps through most of our travelling and this time is no exception. Plus if something sh#t is going to happen to anyone on the trip it is going to be me!!! The night before we left Perth was a Friday night which meant we could leave on a bang and …

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