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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – Gallery

Industrial, commercial and a shopping haven. This was not too bad for us as we were on a come down from 10 too many parties in Thailand so we slung in a few power days in Kuala Lumpur to see as much as we could. Two towers up there with the tallest in the world and the viewing tower in the centre of Kuala Lumpur it 's all in here along with random outdoor gyms,and a view of what the streets look like. Friendly people eased the pain for me in Kuala Lumpur when my netbook broke leaving me technologically crippled for sometime afterwards! An interesting place which is definitely worth a visit even if it is just a flying one.

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The Death Of My Netbook In Kuala Lumpur :(

During the trip from Phi Phi to Kuala Lumpur we took various modes of transport. There was the initial ferry from Phi Phi docks which lasted around an hour and a half, followed by about 3 other minibuses and a VIP coach which took us across the border into Kuala Lumpur. It was the ferry which began the slow and painful death of my computer when I decided to sleep on the top deck at …

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The Other Half Of The Train Journey And Customs (Kuala Lumpur To Singapore)

As it happens the train did get a little more uneasy in areas so the grim reality is you have to be an absolutely hardcore heavy sleeper to get through the journey. The scenery is nice enough to scope out though so at least it isn’t pure boredom all the way there! I would have watched a film or listened to headphones but as I hacked apart my computer to salvage the hard drive in …

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Staying Fit And Healthy Whilst Travelling

I thought I’d write this post as it maybe something that most people don’t bare in mind before they begin travelling, but from my experience so far I can see how easy it could be for someone to fall out of shape, become lazy and ultimately affect their travel decisions. Firstly, I will apologise for the photo which I have used here, this is merely a free gym/park setup which we encountered on the walk …

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Power Day In Kuala Lumpur Part 1

We have gotten ourselves down to a tighter budget than we’d like and so are minimizing our time in Malaysia and Indonesia until we get to Australia to start recouping some funds. As we had heard that Kuala Lumpur wasn’t the cheapest we had given ourselves a day and a half to get around, and as we have found out, that is enough to do the main sights and have a good walk around (I …

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Koh Phi Phi To Kuala Lumpur (and our room)

As I write this I am sitting in our new room in Kuala Lumpur. It’s a fairly standard room, but to us the fact it has air conditioning is a bit of a luxury, despite the fact that we have already pumped in up from 20 degrees to 25 degrees as it feels too cold (If we wanted cold we’d go back for the British ‘summer’ time). We are paying 110 Ringgit for 2 nights …

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