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Koh Phangang Thailand – Gallery

Pool parties, Thai full moon activity, pool, sun, alcohol, great food and great times. Loved this place and even learned a new drinking game called 'Zumi Zumi' thanks to the Scousers...Some of the craziest people we have met have been on this party island. Recommended ;)

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Ho Chi Minh Saigon Photo Gallery

Our first stop in Vietnam. Feel like a celebrity as you walk off the plane with absolutely everybody staring at you! This is a good country to feel like a Z list celebrity on a budget ha ha. Mopeds everywhere, smog, poverty, street food, prostitution and cheap prices. I loved it! Anywhere you can buy a litre of vodka for $3 can't be wrong...Right? Expect some disturbing images from the war remnants museum and some random child-like 'bromantic' behavior from Scotty and I under the influence of the $3 Vodka. And yes the vest which Scotty is wearing in this photo is my pissed up creation so if you want a copy gimme a bell, I make them all from scratch as I have a natural free-hand ability to write in straight lines...Needles to say he thinks the vest is awesome and can't go out without it ;)

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