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Knife Sharpener – Product Review

This is a simple review of a sharpening device which I have recently bought and tested. The reason for this is to ensure that I am working with sharp tools and knives in the kitchen. There is the misconception by many that the sharper the knife the more dangerous it is…NOT SO. In the right hands and in the kitchen specifically, ask any professional preparing¬†vegetables¬†or meat for a living and they will absolutely confirm that …

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Hennessy Hammock Explorer Deluxe A-Sym Review

The Hennessy Hammock Explorer Duluxe A-Sym is a mid-weight durable camping hammock, I’ve had mine for just over a year and use it regularly as an alternative to using a tent. Coming in at 1.4kg or 3lbs 2oz it could be considered slightly heavy for the normal backpacker but please bare in mind that this is the mid-sized hammock and as such is a little heavier. Hennessy Hammock also offer a number of lightweight hammocks …

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Athens Acropolis Information

Built between 447 and 438 B.C. the Acropolis is a collection of ancient temples and statues dedicated to the patron saint, Athena, the most iconic landmark in Greece culture and also known as the birthplace of European civilisation. Rising 100m above its surroundings the Acropolis can be seen from almost any place in Athens and is as beautiful at night as it is in the day, today attracting over two million visitors each year. Prior …

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Aegean Air Review

Aegean air onboard food

After searching the internet for the best flight deal we stumbled upon Aegean Air, the main Greek Airline. Although only flying out from London Heathrow (for flights into Athens), we decided to quickly check their prices to see whether savings in flights would justify the added travel time and inconvenience that we would be subjected to having to come from Newport. After a bit of searching around their easy to navigate website we found that …

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