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India the start

This is the start of a 6 week tour of India and I am starting in Kerala to have a slow introduction to this frenetic country. The people are so friendly and the food a challenge ...beach and sea warm and wonderful.

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Matala Beach, Crete, Greece – Gallery

Matala is one of my favourite places in the world and to sit on the beach in this majestic cove is as close to perfection as you can come. Add to it the whole "hippy" connection and relaxed feel to Matala and you have just the best combination of sun, sea, sand, cuisine and drinks...go there tomorow!!

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Amoudara, Crete, Greece – Gallery

Just outside Iraklio (Heiraklion) Crete, Greece. We stayed here for over a month when we first arrived in Crete and before we went to explore more of the island and other islands in the Aegean Sea.

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