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Price List For Vietnam

Here is a list of prices which I have gathered in the last week during my stay so far in Vietnam. I t appears to be cheaper for most things than other countries in South East Asia but there are many things which aren’t as cheap. Hope fully this list will allow you to budget your trip a little easier… 20000 Vietnamese Dong = $1 USD   Cigarettes Marlboro Light = 23000 (These and Dunhill …

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Singapore Seems So Long Ago……because it was!!!! Part 2.

Waking up for day 2 started with a hangover complimentary breakfast, a breakfast which you also make yourself, don’t worry though you don’t need to be Heston for this, it’s nothing more than toast with either egg or jam…..and as much tea, coffee and water as you want……but the important thing is it is complimentary!!!! It’s also worth mentioning that the breakfast is outside on the water front and so you couldn’t ask for a …

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Heading Back To Perth

As we are having an epic chill out session in Hopetoun in among all the bbqs and quad riding, we have started looking into finding some work. We had originally thought about heading to Adelaide as it would take us further along the South Coast towards the East so that once we had worked for a couple of months we would be getting close to places like Melbourne for when the weather started to warm …

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Strange Times

Now it’s obviously a little too early into the transition (if it can even really be called that given the length of time I was in South East Asia) to really be able to have felt or experienced a change now that I have arrived in Perth, but throughout the day there has been a definite strange feeling in my gut. This isn’t to say I have diarrhoea of course, but that there is an …

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