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25% Off HostGator Hosting Coupon/Discount Code – 2013

Hey Guys/Gals, If you’re looking for a HostGator Discount Code/Coupon which is valid for 1 year (01st Jan 2013 – 01st Jan 2014) then use: livefree25 at the checkout and get 25% off your hosting fees! Visit Hostgator now and check out their prices. Valid for hosting only and for new accounts only. Will post more codes here in the future so make sure you check back regularly! Thanks, Paul.

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Plugin Organiser: Speed Up Your WordPress Website

One of the first things website owners do when they start up a WordPress based website is head straight over to the WordPress Plugin Repository and load up on third party scripts to add enhancements to their site. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this (actually encouraged), many people get carried away and end up installing far too many plugins that bloat their default WordPress installation and ultimately result in increased load times of their …

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My Varnish Configuration (default.vcl)

I thought I’d post my Varnish default.vcl file online for others to see and maybe learn from. I’m very new to Varnish and it took me quite a while to find a few good examples online which I could work from. I must admit that once set up it’s a very good piece of software which drastically improves the load time of your website. The configuration options are for this site which is running NGINX, …

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Day Three – Screw you, Universe!

Day Three – Screw You, Universe!

Having been stuck at my house-sit for the last 4 days due to torrential rain and with no internet access or telephone line (more on that later), I was delighted to find out that all of my websites were down and had been from the day I got disconnected from the internet. Why? Well I decided to downgrade my VPS server to a less expensive one as no longer required (due to the sale of …

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