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Kathmandu, Nepal – Gallery

I visited Kathmandu for 1 week and stayed for 2 months...yes it's chaotic, yes it's dirty, yes it's dusty, yes it's smoggy or muddy BUT it is also fascinating. Temples, distinct districts, tradition and culture along with ever smiling people make this a worthwhile place to come...and not JUST to head off trekking in the Himalayas. Waalk around here an marvel wide eyed at the diversity of sights and experiences.

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Bangkok, just a few more pics – Gallery

There are many images of Bangkok and these are just a few more as supplements. There is so much to see and do in Bangkok and many often use it simply as a staging post for further travels in the beautiful Thailand countryside or escape to the many and various beaches and Islands. Different districts in Bangkok are linked by an excellent traffic system and so all the key attractions; Temples, pagodas, river, restaurants, nightlife and many others besides are well within reach.

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McLeod Ganj, India – Gallery

McLeod Ganj Just up into the mountain from Dharamsala, is the residence of the Dalai Lama and has a wonderful Indian climate. This is so different from many of the Indian town due to it's location close to Tibet witha large population of Tibetans. A really relaxing place for India

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Khajuraho, India – Gallery

Ahajuraho is between Agra and Varanasi and very well worth a 3 day visit to take in the numerous temples and an impressive Wildlife Sanctuary. The most famous collection of Hindu temples are the Kama Sutra temples to be found here. The rural town is slower and less frenetic than urban cities.

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