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Disappointed with your Holiday Destination?

How many times have we travelled to a dream destination only to be sadly disappointed by the place? I sincerely hope it is not too often otherwise you will by now be a dyed in the wool “Stay at home” person when it comes to holidays. Why is it we would be disappointed? I believe that the way we perceive things starts at birth and we are influenced by everything from schooling, growing up, family, …

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How much does a trip to India cost?

So you have a dream to travel to India and you need an answer to the simple question… “How much does it cost to travel to and in India?” Well that really depends upon a number of factors; some which apply to all travellers, some which are consequent upon your itinerary and others which are very specifically determined by the comfort and style of travelling that only you can select. 6 weeks in India My …

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India travel tips from the old guy

This is a short post which I will add to as the weeks go by. It applies to every traveller in India and also applies elsewhere  Due to failing limbs, eyesight, memory and all ailments associated with getting old, many of the tips will be much more applicable to the slightly older traveller, backpacker or simply adventurer. Don’t adjust contact lenses after eating curry Indian style using only your right hand! Do try to book at least your first night …

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Varanasi on Ganges, India – Gallery

This is probably a "Must visit" for most people visiting India and you should feel privileged since most Indians simply won't get the opportunity to visit this most "Holy" of cities. The plethora of sounds, sights, smells and experiences is overwhelming at times.

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Bangalore, India – Gallery

Not the most spectacular of places with only a few tourist locations to visit...not worth more than a stopover on the way north or south

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Giants Causeway, Ireland – Gallery

One of the natural wonders of the world and the key attraction when visiting Ireland. Basalt columns and geometric shapes are amazing.

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