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Backpacking Around Europe Made Easy

It’s around this time of the academic year that students have settled into their new or latest accommodation and are starting to make the most of the freedoms and independence that comes with university or college life.  Friendship groups have formed and are starting to cement and small groups might be thinking about setting off on adventures during any of the lengthy holiday periods. As money is usually in short supply for those in full-time …

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Bangkok, just a few more pics – Gallery

There are many images of Bangkok and these are just a few more as supplements. There is so much to see and do in Bangkok and many often use it simply as a staging post for further travels in the beautiful Thailand countryside or escape to the many and various beaches and Islands. Different districts in Bangkok are linked by an excellent traffic system and so all the key attractions; Temples, pagodas, river, restaurants, nightlife and many others besides are well within reach.

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Buying Travel Insurance

Right, so the date for leaving is ever closer and the preparation is slowly trickling to a head. Final vaccinations are booked, all be it for the same day I leave at 2pm, followed swiftly by a National Express bus at 3pm from Bristol bus station to Heathrow terminal 3 (National Express routes | Coach Stop Finder). As far as I can tell the only thing that isn’t yet in place (besides a serious lack of …

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