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Wales, UK – Gallery

Wales may not be a travel destination for me but it is for others..a beautiful diverse place.

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Florence, Italy – Gallery

For many, this is the artistic centre of Italy and the whole renaissance period...to me my interest was on exactly this but we were unfortunate to be plagued by torrential rain on the days we were there...still certainly worth the visit but it would have been nicer to be sat al fresco surrounded by beauty...we did try but it wasn't quite the same!!

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Milatos, Crete, Greece – Gallery

If you don't want the frenetic atmosphere of Malia or the large hotel complexes around Crete then you will find this such a fantastic relaxed village with different restaurants every night and beautiful clear water to swim in. This was a superb choice of places to stay on Crete which itself has so, so much to offer.

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Agia Galini, Crete at night – Gallery

Agia Galini is a beach resort during the day but of course it really comes into it's own in the evening with a full selection of wonderful restaurants and bars to relax and party the night away...there are plenty of different little shops to entice you in too.

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Agia Galini, Crete shopping – Gallery

Agia Galini may not be the shopping centre of Crete but you can have a relaxing time walking it's jumble of streets looking for the right shop for you...there are quaint novel shops here and they all come to life at night time after the siesta.

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Agia Galini – Crete – Greece

Statue of Icarus and Daedalus

Agia Galini is a beautiful and low key holiday destination on the south coast of Crete, Greece. It is easily reached by travelling down from Reythemon or Iraklion (Heraklion) on a well surfaced main artery road. You can also get here using the bus network and it is serviced regularly even off season. The town is a harbour/marina town but has a lovely beach and has clear access to a number of other fine beaches …

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Alternative Living through Travel

What do I mean by alternative living? Simply that I wish to conduct my life by travelling with a keen view on being economical and having a unique set of experiences which are not defined by any imposed time constraints or other restrictive goals other than those of the immediate present. Living life in the present is important to allow me to conduct my life in a much more positive, stress free fashion. This article …

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My Top 5 Apps For The ‘New Age’ Travel Junkie

Well, needless to say travellers come in a variety of different stereotypes. You have a consortium of fun-lovers, bums, hippies, reserved types, short termers, long termers, ravers, social moths and at times the confused folk! Regardless of what stereotype you are we are all living in the digital age now people so these are my top 5 apps for the travelling children of the planet! I feel it necessary to say that I have broken, …

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Aegean Air Review

Aegean air onboard food

After searching the internet for the best flight deal we stumbled upon Aegean Air, the main Greek Airline. Although only flying out from London Heathrow (for flights into Athens), we decided to quickly check their prices to see whether savings in flights would justify the added travel time and inconvenience that we would be subjected to having to come from Newport. After a bit of searching around their easy to navigate website we found that …

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Things to do or know before you leave for a round the world trip!

1/Get a map! There’s only so long you can guess what bus you need and stare aimlessly down a street wondering if it’s the right way to get somewhere. 2/Realised not everyone is just being friendly……We’re foreign and they want you to spend your money with them. A little yellow bank on the corner has now been named by us ‘Bill’s Bank’ as we met a guy calling himself Bill there one day. After chatting …

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