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The Death Of My Netbook In Kuala Lumpur :(

During the trip from Phi Phi to Kuala Lumpur we took various modes of transport. There was the initial ferry from Phi Phi docks which lasted around an hour and a half, followed by about 3 other minibuses and a VIP coach which took us across the border into Kuala Lumpur. It was the ferry which began the slow and painful death of my computer when I decided to sleep on the top deck at …

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Back In Bangkok Baby!

So I had my curry for breakfast after dragging Scotty with me who was only after a bowl of cornflakes. I had an epic portion of the red curry which I had had previously in Bangkok; it was a place I had been before but needless to say it didn’t fail me… During this meal we discussed whether to go to shop in Khaosan Road or to go to MBK (Mall Bangkok) which basically holds …

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The Trip From Vientiane To Bangkok

We were picked up at 5pm from the Mixok Guest House, the same place where we stayed and also purchased our tickets from, and were boarded onto a tuk tuk with one other guy from Australia. We were taken literally 5 minutes around the corner before being turfed off onto a slightly larger tuk tuk which held around 8 people. At this point a random local who we assumed worked for the travel company took …

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Koh Samui – My Initial Review (Costs And Accommodation)

We finally arrive after a surprisingly well organised combo trip consisting of a VIP coach (with air con), people carrier, another coach with broken air con and a cheeky ferry (which was about the same size as 2 and a half double decker buses). The total duration for the journey from Bangkok centre to the actual dock in Koh Samui was around 18-19 hours and with lots of power naps and sometimes slightly longer sleeps …

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Khaosan Road, Ping Pong Show And The London Lady Killer

I have woken up this morning sweating it up to the max, a combination of dehydration (due to not bringing water to bed with me), still wearing my clothes from the night before (genie pants and a white t-shirt) and the fact that the fan was put on setting 2 out of 4 (it was like having someone breathe warm air on me it was that weak). My mouth tasted dank, as we purchased some …

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