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Flying to Kathmandu from India

The journey from India to Nepal (Kathmandu)is best done by plane but there is also the extended but less comfortable route by train and bus dependent upon where you are leaving India from. I was leaving from Delhi and decided on a flight costing approx £60 one way from Delhi International Airport to Kathmandu Tribhuban International Airport. The airport is easily accessed using the new and efficient metro from down town Delhi. An Airport Hotel In my …

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Cattle Work, Australia

It has been a fair while since I have posted anything and that is largely due to the excessive amount of moving around, lack of internet and working hours. But that doesn’t matter now, what does matter is letting you all know a bit about what you can expect if taking on cattle work in Australia, whether it be to extend your working holiday visa, for the money or even just for the experience. There …

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Extending your Visa in Nepal

Extending your visa in Nepal has its own difficulties and the main one can be the time taken to complete the process through the Nepal Immigration. I was well aware of the difficulties because Paul, my son, had recently renewed his visa and had explained it was a bit of a pain doing so. The standard tourist visa issued upon entry to Nepal will usually be a month visa costing $40US but if you are …

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Travelling to India?

Going to India? Got your VISA? Feel like Flu coming on? Do not make the same mistake I have made…. consider applying for your visa well before you intend to leave. I had not realised the somewhat antiquated mechanism for gaining a tourist visa to India and so fell foul of the long application process. Simply…you need to allow a good fortnight to ensure you have no problems. I was been informed that it would …

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