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Alone in the Wilderness – Full Documentary

A story of soft voice Dick Proenneke who documented his life living in the Alaska wilderness. Out there to find peace with nature, Dick’s account of his life is an aspiration to me, a very tranquil man with simple pleasures. He regularly goes fishing and has built himself a log cabin from scratch. I hope when I am older I’ll be somewhat like Dick. Worth a watch when you feel like escaping for a while. …

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Grizzly Man (Docudrama 2005)

[CBC country=”GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE,CA” show=”n”] [/CBC][CBC country=”GB,GR,FR,DE,ES,IT,NL,CH,BE,SE” show=”y”] [/CBC] [CBC country=”CA” show=”y”] [/CBC] A guy called Timothy Treadwell dedicated his life to helping raise awareness of bears and went to live in the wilderness with wild bears and documented his time in many hours of footage. Probably the best video you’ll ever watch of bears in the wilderness. Unfortunately his life came to an end one summer when him and his girlfriend were eaten alive whilst on …

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