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Volunteering Abroad – a Debate

Volunteering abroad can produce remarkable experiences for volunteers and the community in which they offer their services but is it a simple decision on the correctness of the volunteering gesture? I have spent a long time debating the issue of volunteer work in foreign countries and have found it really difficult to come to any fixed conclusions. I am therefore presenting this blog post by way of opening a debate on the subject and canvassing …

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WOOFING in Greece – Pros & Cons

Woofers Hay Baling in Greece

For those uninitiated, Woofing is the term used for “Working On Organic Farms” and applies to volunteers working in return for their food and accommodation throughout the stay with their host. There are definite “Pros” and “Cons” for embarking on this form of voluntary work and based on our considerable experience of Woofing, we will explore some of these in the following article. Organised Volunteering WWOOF is a worldwide organisation with individual countries running their …

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Day One – I’m alive, the start of a golden age (and a travel diary…)

So, 21st of December turned out to be a load of old shit! I’m still alive, I even gave it an extra 24 hours in case the Maya’s were off by a day… Still here, though grateful to be alive, a little bit bummed out that nothing massive happened. No mutation of DNA, no vibrational energy change, no cataclysmic event that destroyed half the world, nothing. Well, in fact, maybe all of the above has …

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