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Aegean air onboard food
Aegean air onboard food

Aegean Air Review

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Fantastic Airline!

Fantastic experience using Aegean Airlines, would definitely recommend and use again,

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After searching the internet for the best flight deal we stumbled upon Aegean Air, the main Greek Airline. Although only flying out from London Heathrow (for flights into Athens), we decided to quickly check their prices to see whether savings in flights would justify the added travel time and inconvenience that we would be subjected to having to come from Newport.

After a bit of searching around their easy to navigate website we found that there were daily flights from London Heathrow three times a day. We decided to pick a flight at 11:30 which would mean we would not have to get up too early to catch the flight and upon our arrival we would have plenty of time to settle in to our hostel and grab a couple of beers.

Heathrow Terminal 1 Airport Map
Heathrow Terminal 1 Airport Map

Upon arrival to London Heathrow (which took 1.5 hours from Newport, Wales), we walked to Terminal 1 Departures and looked to see that the flights for Aegean Air were clearly marked for departure gate K, so we grabbed a coffee from Starbucks and made a move to checkin.

4 check-in desks were open when we arrived and we waited no more than 10 minutes to check our bags in. Should we have had only hand luggage then we could have checked in online and walked through to the departures lounge to board.

The staff that dealt with us were very polite and ignored the fact that we were around 7kg in total over our allowed baggage allowance of 20kg each. This was a pleasant surprise as we were used to paying high rates for additional extra KG’s with other airlines.

Next on to the security clearance, there were two lines, both moving exceptionally fast (10 people in each one), we waited no longer than 5 minutes to be ushered through airport security.

So now we waited in the departures lounge where we grabbed a bite to eat and a coffee. An hour later, we were through to boarding, this again was a very quick exercise, we were the last to get on board so did not experience any queue.

We had selected our preferred seats online as soon as we were able to check in online (which open 48 hours before the flight), this allowed us to choose the emergency exit seats which gave us additional leg room. J

After boarding the plane we were greeted with a pleasant smiling cabin crew that showed us to our seats (no need to show our boarding pass or passport again which was nice). The plane took off 5 minutes later.

The safety video was shown on drop-down LCD screens that were in front of every other seat (there or there about).

When the plane was in transit, the airline crew offered around free hard fruit flavoured sweets to help with equalising the ears of some passengers, you are able to take a few for the flight and were dealt with a smile. You are also given a set of headphones which you can use to listen to in-flight radio or watch the tv/films that are played throughout the flight.

The airline took off after being aligned on the runway and as soon as the plane had reached it desired altitude, dinner was served. This consisted of a beetroot salad, a vegetable pasta sauce (with pasta), a role, a triangle of soft cheese, some sesame seed snaps and some butter. Although this was not the highest quality of meals, it was certainly tasty enough for an airline meal; upon service of the meal you are able to select a (non-alcoholic) beverage, either coke, water, juice or other beverage.

After the meal is finished, the cabin crew came round to tidy up and tea/coffee was served.

The majority of the flight you are able to do as you please. You can check on flight progress on the LCD display screens.

Landing came without a hitch and there was only very marginal turbulence during the flight which can be expected with any scheduled airline.

After arrival into Athens, you go through passport control and go on to collect your baggage (should you have any). We waited for 10-15 minutes before our bags came through, then we went through customs (nothing to declare lane) and proceeded into Athens via metro which was only a short distance.

Are overall experience of Aegean Air was very good! Have you ever flown with Aegean Air? If so write you experiences in the comments section below.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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