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The outside view of the Brisbane City Backpackers. Its the big orange building and it's in between about three other hostels and a pub/club

Brisbane City Backpackers Review

Whilst we were waiting for our shuttle bus at the reception of the [do action=”booking-com” name=”Aquarius Backpackers” url=”http://www.booking.com”]Aquarius Backpackers[/do] in Byron Bay we checked out the leaflet section to see what activities there were around the area. In among’st the various sky dive packages and day trips we found a brochure for Brisbane City Backpackers. I’m assuming this leaflet was on the rack due to the high volume of travellers that are using Brisbane as their next stop after Byron. This was our only information we had whatsoever on Brisbane and in true form it was a last minute snatch so this would be our next hostel on our big adventure!

As Brisbane was only going to be a couple of days stop over on our way to a regional town I knew that I would be spending a lot of time at the hostel itself, and so deemed it a good excuse to write a review of the place for anyone wishing to travel to Brisbane.

We were dropped off at the City Transit Centre in Brisbane by our Greyhound coach transfer from Byron which took roughly three and a half hours, stopping off for 15 minutes at Surfers Paradise midway through. The cost of this Greyhound coach was $28 and we booked it the day before and selected the earlier of two available departure times. So don’t stress if you leave this this particular transfer till the day before because there are quite a few seats available on the coach. From the City Transit Centre in Brisbane you are 400m

The outside view of the Brisbane City Backpackers. Its the big orange building and it's in between about three other hostels and a pub/club
The outside view of the Brisbane City Backpackers. It is the big orange building and it’s in between about three other hostels and a pub/club

away from the hostel which is situated at 380 Upper Rosa Street amongst 3-4 other hostels like Chill Backpackers and Woodduckers Backpackers. If you really don’t fancy this walk there is a number to call to arrange a FREE pick-up from the train station (1800 062 572). There are three main perks for choosing the Brisbane City Backpackers and they are:

  • Free Internet
  • Free Job Club
  • Free Car Park

The cost of the hostel if you are on an extreme budget for a dorm is $130 per week if you pay upfront for the entire week. (That’s $18-19 a night which in Australia is very cheap!). If you cannot afford the one week tariff and can only pay one night at a time then the cheapest room will be  16 bed dorm at the cost of $21 per night and the next cheapest is a 12 bed dorm at $26 per night. You will also be required to pay a refundable $10 key deposit when checking in. There are other perks of this hostel which include:

  • Free Daily Movies (in the cinema room- 5 a day)
  • Commercial Guest Laundry
  • 24Hr Check-in
  • The option to have Air-con, Fan, Single Room, Double Room, Dorms, Ensuite, Fridge and TV. Prices will obviously vary depending on the level of comfort you wish to pursue

The Kitchen

A shot of the kitchen when we arrived at the City Backpackers. We were hungry as usual so saw this before our actual dorm haha
A shot of the kitchen when we arrived at the City Backpackers. We were hungry as usual so saw this before our actual dorm haha

The kitchen room is stainless steel with gas cookers and all the mod cons including wall mounted constant boiling water, toasters, microwave and loads of pots, pans and utensils. Unless you have your own cutlery you will be required to pay $10 refundable deposit for a mug, bowl, plate, knife, fork and a spoon. You must keep all your shopping in a bag and labelled with your name and room number if you leave it in the spacious fridges and/or storage cupboards in the kitchen otherwise it will either get pinched or thrown out by the staff. The kitchen never seems to get too busy and is closed from 2pm-3pm for cleaning.


There are cameras all around the complex in all the right places so there is a safe feeling to this hostel. Also if you have any important possessions which you would like locked up then the reception will happily provide this service for you. All the bedrooms and hallway entrances are key card locked as well so no pick locking can occur.


I can only speak about the dorm which I stayed in and as far as dorms go it was absolutely fine for the money I paid. Clean carpets and enough space for everyone to share. The mattresses were on the firmer side and the sheets were clean. There is also very minimal graffiti on the beds which are wooden and sturdy.

The bar

The bar has a very social vibe to it and the beer is not overpriced. Allow $5-6 for a schooner of beer and $9 for a jug of local beer (3 schooners). It is a very clean environment too unlike some hostels where the room is left to go to ruin.


The swimming pool is clean and situated on the second level. Above the pool is a lookout point where you have a fantastic view of the city which looks particularly nice at night time. Below the pool is the large ‘L’ shaped deck area which forms as part of an extension for the bar. A great ambience at night and equally social during the day

The toilets and showers

The communal facilities offered when you chose a dorm are absolutely fine for the purpose they serve which at the end of the day is to do your business and get clean. The showers are powerful with swivel heads and there is always hot water. Both the toilets and the showers are free from dirt, mildew and grime and are cleaned every day.

I think that’s about it for the review and to conclude I would certainly recommend staying at the [do action=”booking-com” name=”Brisbane City Backpackers” url=”http://www.booking.com”]Brisbane City Backpackers[/do] should you pass through. It’s a sociable hostel with a nice feel to it and it isn’t loud when you are trying to sleep. The staff are friendly and will help you out no questions asked if you are unsure about something. As far as hostels go it’s pretty much spot on.

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