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Cheapest Travel Destinations in Asia

Many students and backpackers seek for the cheapest place where they can have a vacation. Oftentimes, they go to Asia because the currency there is lower compared to other countries. So if you have 100 British Pounds, then that’s already more than 6,000 Philippine Pesos or 3,000,000 Vietnamese Dongs already. You can become an instant millionaire in a foreign country just by exchanging your pocket money. Isn’t that awesome?

I know reading this got you all excited, but remember to still budget your money so you can explore more cities. It is also advisable to travel lightly, make sure to bring essential things only like clothes and of course your laptop or tablet so you can share some of your photos with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also play games such as those at partypoker while on the road. The games on this poker site are available 24/7 so you can join in anytime you want. If you are new to this card game, then you can take advantage of the video tutorials and poker-related articles at partypoker. You also have the option to use “play money” while practicing. Once you feel confident about your game, then you can compete at major tournaments for a chance to win some instant cash.

If you are lucky to hit the jackpot, then you can visit more Asian destinations. Here are some of cheapest cities to visit in Asia based on the Asia Backpacker Index:

Hanoi (Vietnam)

Maneuvering through the Old Quarter, Hanoi

The mixture of Asian and French influence made Hanoi the favourite destination of many backpackers. Aside from the magnificent temples, historical sites, and exotic foods, Hanoi has affordable accommodations. Before booking a bunk, you can check out affordable private rooms at the Old Quarter so you can have a more comfortable stay in Hanoi. You can also find a wide selection of food stalls and budget restaurants here.

Kathmandu (Nepal)

Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu is a popular destination for backpackers. There is even a zone there called Thamel that features affordable hotels, bars, and restaurants. Check out the smaller hotels, bars, and restaurants because they usually offer lower rates. When finding a hotel, it is best to inquire directly rather than asking a tout to take you to a hotel because the price offered to you will include his commission.

Manila (Philippines)

Manila Streets, PhilippinesThere are other cities in the Philippines that offer cheaper accommodations and food, but the action can be found in Manila. Instead of booking a room in a hotel, it is best to stay in a small inn, guest house or hostel and most of them can be found in Ermita. Avoid riding a taxi because some drivers tend to tamper with the meter. It is best to take the MRT, LRT, bus, or jeepney. There are also many small cafeterias that offer affordable meals.

Remember to do some research first before traveling to a new city so you can get some tips on how to save up during your trip.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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  1. Technically, the absolute price levels of the currencies are irrelevant. 1 US dollar buys 100 Yen so with a $10,000 you are a Japanese millionaire but can barely buy a Honda scooter for that amount. One Mexican peso buys 12 Yen, but no one is ever going to say that Mexico is richer than Japan or that its currency is stronger. The strength of a currency is based on its purchasing power not its absolute numeric level. 12 persos doesn’t go very far in Mexico but purchases even less in Japan.