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Cherai Beach Resort, Kerala, India

Although we stayed in a self catering homestay on Cherai Beach, Kerala, India, we did spend a fair amount of time in this resort using their bar facilities and gaining internet access. The Cherai Beach Resort is classed as 4* and in many ways it lives up to this rating. In other ways it does now fall somewhat short.
When newly built the resort would undoubtedly have been the cutting edge in this type of accommodation in this tranquil part of India. Sadly it now lacks a little investment into renewing fittings and fixtures etc to keep abreast of the competition.

Getting there

Beautiful sunsets sat on the beach at Cherai
Beautiful sunsets sat on the beach at Cherai

The Resort is easily accessed from Cochin (Kochi) International Airport and the Resort will pick you up for the 30 minute journey so no issues with that. Cherai Beach Resort has a variety of standalone villa accommodations each with it’s own different view over the splendid Kerala backwaters.
From the resort you can witness the sunrise over the backwaters and the sunset over the sea directly over the minor beach access road. It provides a quiet oasis in this hectic country.
The resort is ideal for a variety of customers from families to honeymooners.

Prices vary accordingly.

The staff

The staff and front of house, however, are very attentive and there is always someone in attendance should you need anything. We made friends with a couple and their daughter from Canada who were staying in the resort and they seemed quite happy with the accommodation provided.

Food and drink

Meals are generally provided in an “all inclusive” buffet format but you can also order from the Ala Carte menu and the food was very acceptable when we ate there. We did have pleasure in making a few selections from the bar snack menu also…dependent upon which chef was present determined the quality of the snack provided.

All snacks were pretty good but on one occasion the vegetable pokaras and chilly roasted cashew nuts were just exquisite. The bar itself simply lacks something and this could well be due to the licensing aspects of Kerala. It could still stock up some more current drinks for the resort’s international clientèle.

Ayurvedic treatments

Ayurvedic massage treatments on offer in Cherai Beach Resort
Ayurvedic massage treatments on offer in Cherai Beach Resort

The Resort has a specialist Ayurvedic Spa and offers a wide range of Ayurvedic massage therapies and treatments. The whole Kerala region is known as the heart of Ayurvedic practice in India and does provide a calm relaxing getaway to recharge your mind, body and soul. The Canadian couple we met in the resort turned out to be practising Ayurvedic and Yoga professionals who had come down from an Ashram in Northern India and they seemed relatively content that the Ayurvedic Spa staff in the resort were practising in the correct fashion when they had gone for treatments so perhaps this is a pretty good commendation.

The picture on the left gives a breakdown of local costs treatments and you can use these to guage the current prices offered by Cherai Beach Resort Spa.

The beach

Although the Resort does not have a private beach it does have a lovely palm tree lined beach running for 10 km directly in front of it’s welcoming gates. There is safe swimming on the shallow sloping beach and in the morning the Arabian sea is flat and inviting and the afternoon a little more choppy.

Birdwatchers heaven

Wildlife abounds here with sea eagles hovering overhead most of the day, crabs burying themselves in the sand, egrets, herons and the brilliantly coloured kingfishers overseeing the activity in the fascinating backwaters. There are simply dozens of species to enchant the avid “twitcher”.

This is a very safe, quiet and tranquil haven in Kerala which is known as “Gods own Country” and has so much to offer.


The complex offers a scare commodity for the area WIFI….but only in the public lobby area where there is also a standalone PC terminal you can use at a small charge.

The Backwaters

Being next to the backwaters we had expected many more mosquitoes than we actually experienced but it is probably good practise to pop on some repellent. We used prophylactic (preventative repellent) and had some Deet based in hand as backup had we needed it…these can even be purchased online before you leave your country and then you can be sure of the quality (the chemist I seen in the UK was Indian herself and she recommended buying things like mosquito nets cheaper in India but medicines etc in the UK due to the questionable quality of the Indian products)

Local area

This is a great base for seeing Kochin (Cochin) and Kochin Fort and this is a worthwhile break from a relaxing beach stay. You should also take a walk through the backwater vilages on a gentle circular walk from the resort gates…it is fascinating to see the villagers go about their daily business and I was even lucky enough to have an impromptu game of badminton with the local kids and trying to negotiate the overhead  palm fronds and electric cables made it an interesting game!!

Badminton with the backwater kids
Badminton with the backwater kids

From here if you intend to visit and stay on a houseboat you can take a car and driver to Allepey, the main houseboat centre, for just over Rs 3000.

For more images of the resort and local are see the gallery posts here

I have written another post for the place we stayed in Cherai Beach so please look here for more information relating to the Cherai Beach area

You can link into the Cherai Beach Resort website here

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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