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My Views On The Website, Blogging And Our Status, With A Good Measure Of General Nonsense!

This is really nothing more than a chance for me convey my current feelings with our development and a general update on our status and plans. I wouldn’t want to get to consumed with posts about useful stuff…….who wants to actually learn something and gather useful information!!!!!

It’s pretty exciting times now that Thomo and I have moved / merged our website and are now working with others and hopefully reaching a lot more people. I am in no doubt that with the driving force of Paul’s magical web skills and Gary’s ridiculously exquisite deliverance of the English language there is going to be a fairly comprehensible library of travelling, life experiences and reference material floating around on the website. The evolution of the site is such that anyone who wants to talk about their experiences or even passions is encouraged to get involved and post their material. This is a fantastic resource and will not only allow people to get their points and interests across but will give the whole website a much greater breadth of knowledge. I am truly excited, as much as it pains my face to show, and I hope to be able to keep up with the blog master that is Thomo. He’s a big stat fanatic and so I know he is watching the ‘number of posts’ counter innately! I wouldn’t want my ‘self elected boss’ to be thinking I am slacking off!!!


Work or play? I'm never sure when I see a picture of myself in front of a computer.
Work or play? I’m never sure when I see a picture of myself in front of a computer.

So I guess I will try and insert myself into this new setup with my traditional semi coherent, partially ranting and watered down information filled posts. I could always start to be more accurate and knowledgeable but that would not only throw a tangent from my former interjections, but also seems like a lot of hard work right?

Anyhow, it’s a Friday night and Thomo and I have been working on the website for around 4 hours (well Thomo has actually been doing it all day as he hasn’t worked for the last 4 days). I’m not going to lie, when you are working a full time job and then want to keep on top of your input to a website it can be quite challenging. It’s at this point that I need to keep reminding myself of a few key truths;

1/ I am travelling and such I need to suck it up. At some point of course I am going to have to work to fund my travels and it is important to not let yourself get too invested in this as it can quickly make you lose your focus. Trust me I am speaking from experience.

2/ I enjoy keeping track of our travels. Yeah sure many of you may think I talk drivel and reading what I write is like receiving a low grade lobotomy, but at the end of the day this is as much for me as anyone else. I am in no doubt that in a few years to come I will have diminishing memories of everything I have done….partly due to the crazy nights out while travelling and partly because you do so much you can’t store everything. I already love looking back over photos from months ago and get that awesome nostalgic feeling.

3/ This can be your financial supplement to discover the world. I am not website savvy and god bless Paul for his expertise, but if you are dedicated and love to share your experiences there is absolutory no reason you can’t do what we are embarking on. Thomo and I started out with our little (but no less awesome site) thomoandscottydogg.com which no longer exists, but it was something we were growing increasing proud of, and for all it’s worth having a website/blog it is a great way to involve all the people you meet while travelling.


Not sure I see it!
Not sure I see it!

Ok back to where we are. Sitting in my kitchen/dining room drinking wine that costs less than a schooner of beer (that’s right I am an honourable Australian now and measure are in schooners). We will be heading out in a little bit to the bright lights of Newtown (I will endeavour to get some information on Newtown up on the website soon) and so need to pull our sorry asses from our computers and get ourselves together.  We have reached the point now in our Sydney experience where there are undoubtedly nights out, places, people and experiences we have neglected to interact with due to circumstances which have been predominantly driven by finances, but for all it’s worth and the unscheduled sporadic calendar we keep, we have given it a good shot and are confident we will be back here at some point should we think we haven’t made the most of it.


The fireworks on Harbour Bridge
The fireworks on Harbour Bridge

Personally I have to confess to really missing out on some of the amazing offerings of Sydney. It truely is a beautiful and mesmerising city. It is incredible in its diversity, ranging for its high class and ‘ever so important’ CDB to its quirky and care free outer suburbs. In terms of offering something for everything it’s hard to fault Sydney.

As a personal note I wouldn’t perhaps think of it as somewhere I could call home, and that’s not to say anything negative. It’s just for me I guess If I was looking for my little slice of happiness, that would mean a little less sky rises, a less anxious feeling walking among ‘the elite’ in certain areas and the feeling that this is just another Westernised country but in a much better geographical location.


So as out time here draws to an end and with it, my full time job, I hope to be able to spend a lot more time posting on the website. So if pointless nonsensical literature (definitely not the right word for anything I write) is your thing, then you’re in luck.


Love Scotty x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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