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The Cheapest Way To Travel Oz On Wheels…

Before I arrived in Oz I had heard from various travellers that there was a way in which you could see all the luxurious coastlines that Australia has to offer for a more than desirable price. The entire perimeter of Australia is speckled with a variety of long white sandy beaches and more reclusive coves and hideaways and it is up to you to track them down. So the obvious way to find these hidden gems is via the means of the classic traveller mode of transport which is opting to drive a car or even better a camper van. If you have the means to buy a car or camper van and want to cover long distances with no time restraints then you can pick them up from existing travellers who are coming to the end of their journey or alternatively go to a used car garage or even use the ever convenient Gumtree online. I have spoken to people whilst I was in Griffith

My French and German friends who set off in the beautiful old banger behind them from Griffith, NSW. Great people and a fantastic laugh. Not bad card players too...
My French and German friends who set off in the beautiful old banger behind them from Griffith, NSW. Great people and a fantastic laugh. Not bad card players too…

undertaking my first month of regional work (to extend my visa) and they had cars which varied from a battered old ford which was rusted to the max but had some sure fire character, right through to a bright green camper van with varied graffiti up both sides which was purchased for $5000 between three German people. Either way they are easy to find and can save you a tidy wedge of money on accommodation, which in Oz, is on average between $15-$25 a night for a dorm room. Not to mention your dorm room can’t roll around the coast and shack up wherever it so desires. Now, if you don’t have the funds but still want to experience the coastal stretches and freedom which a car or van offers then you can take part in schemes which these hire car companies have in place.

You won't see this in a plane!
You won’t see this in a plane!

I walked in to one of these car/van rental places whilst walking around the Kings Cross area in Sydney and troubled a very chirpy lady for some details on these schemes.  The one which is by far the most popular among the travelling community is the delivery service by which you inquire within the garage one week beforehand stating where you are currently situated i.e. Sydney and you would like to ‘deliver’ a van/car to say ‘Brisbane’. This was the example I used whilst conversing with this particular lady. As a general overview gathered from our conversation she said it would cost me $1 a day for the privilege plus however much fuel we wanted to use. You can go anywhere you want and spend as much on fuel as you like but just bear in mind that with this example of Sydney to Brisbane (900 km) you have 3 days to get the vehicle to their Brisbane branch. It is entirely your choice on how you do it. You can boot it up the freeway through the night and enjoy a couple nights free accommodation in the camper van in Brisbane, or you can stop off and see the coastline and flare up a BBQ (recommended). You can use this scheme all around Oz and is a much more affordable and enjoyable way to see the country. No one will be interested in the fact that you have been to every airport in Oz waiting in queues, being pissed off with waiting, and finally being annoyed that you have missed hundreds of kilometres of unspoiled scenery. So opt for the heroes choice and hitch the van up! Plus you can always pick up some waifs and strays on route and make some great new friends, which after all is part of what it’s all about.

Be aware there are predators out there so keep it safe people and assess who you pick up
Be aware there are predators out there so keep it safe people and assess who you pick up

As I am writing this post I am sitting as a passenger in the work van only 30 minutes away from shell harbour ready (or not) to put yet more tactiles into the ground…but on the plus side I have 3 weeks to go until I set off with Scotty in the dream machine (whatever it may be) up the east coast to Brisbane. Happy days. And on a side note, I have never eaten as many McDonalds as I have in the last few days whilst working on the road, I’m disgusting! They taste too good though as I’m sure you’ll agree. Bon voyage for now and any questions/queries then please just pop them in the comment box below and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

Here is a link to the website we will be using ‘ALOT’ to see the coasts for free in a variety of vehicles! Remember just apply one week before you fancy moving on and the car or van is yours. Quick, simple and cheap as chips. It’s a no-brainer for me 😉


Thomo 😉

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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  1. Thomo,

    Great post, I am going to Australia soon on a working holiday visa and was wondering if you knew of any car-sharing opportunities out there? Maybe any websites that you’d recommend or ones you’ve heard of that are good?

    I don’t mind buying a car but would love to hook up with like minded people to help share petrol costs as prices are going through the roof! I doubt I’ll be staying in hostels as with my wife and she doesn’t like the idea, else would be easy to get to know people and ask them!!


    • Hi Steve,

      Yes mate leave it with me. The lady actually wrote three addresses down on a piece of paper for me which is back in my flat. I will get them in the next few hours and add them to the blog post for everybody to check out. There are lots but I will get you the ones which I think will be most beneficial to you. Which part of Australia are you going to? Are you intending on doing more work than travel or the other way around?


  2. that guy in the photo looks like a classic predator…

  3. Also if you want to rent a van use Jucy van rentals as they are up there with the cheapest and most reliable vehicles. The colour of their vehicles is purple and green so you are guaranteed to look dangerously cool as you boot it down the freeway. Hope this helps in some way.

    • Thanks for the advice thomo. Good to hear I can look dangerously cool whilst whilst saving a few bucks! I guess I could use the saved pennies to get an undercut or a snake tattoo on my arm to enhance my image even further!?

      I hope to be doing the full circle around Oz but at a relaxed kind of pace! you seemed like you had/are having a good time over there, maybe we’ll cross paths.

      You’ve got a good website here, like it very much!

      Take care and happy travels,
      Steve bbbbbbbb

  4. When I was in New Zealand I relocated two separate campervans with a similar company there so the scheme definitely does work and it is really fantastic chilling on a beach on the way to the destination with some muscles collected from the sea, a bottle of wine and a bbq… doesn’t get better.

    Also done the Great Ocean road in a Ford Estate car witha German guy and we were able to camp in a number of different free campsites…its good to pick up a cheapo tent too cos the back of the car can be fairly cosy!! 🙂

    • NY is on my hit list too for after OZ so may well pick your brains for some top tips when the time comes. Thanks Gary

      • I hope to be writing a few articles on my time there so keep an eye on the site and of course just gimme a shout closer the time.

  5. Cheers Paul, good to know my look is not only bewildered and camp, but potentially sexually threatening!

    I notice your intense lip biting mugshot didn’t make it on Thomo….I supposed it is too repugnant for the website.

  6. Scotty lives for the banter.. He has some of the thickest human skin on the planet! Haha 🙂