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The City That Never Sleeps “Las Vegas”

I have been very lucky to have visited this wonderful and magical place twice.

Las Vegas has something for everyone and is not just a place to go and gamble your money and maybe your life away.  There are lots of things to do and see in this fascinating place which has been man made in the Nevada Desert.

When I was there I went in a helicopter that took me over the hoover dam. The helicopter landed inside the Grand Canyon where I had a Champagne breakfast and saw the most amazing sight and views I have ever seen. The picture is of me, so you can see for yourself.  I also had a little friend that wanted some of my carrots and that was a little chipmunk. I have never seen one before and for the record they don’t really look like the ones that you see with mickey mouse on the cartoons either.

las vegas


I wanted my stay to be perfect and so I chose the Venetian Hotel to stay in. The majority of the hotels are themed or are famous monuments from around the world.  The venetian was a little piece of Italy.  As I stepped inside the hotel there was a man playing the accordion.  As I walked through the hotel and outside it was just like Venice and there were men in gondolas that went up and down all day long singing the “Just One Corrento Song.”  I even treated myself to a little dog dressed in the famous blue and white  strip top, complete with straw hat that howls the same tune.


Another favorite hotel of mine is Caesars Palace. If you like to shop then this is the hotel for you, although you can go in any of them and are not restricted to the hotel that you are staying in.  This hotel is on the famous strip in Las Vegas and since I was last there has been extended.  The hotel takes approx 15 mins to walk past it, so this gives you an indication of the size of it.  It has over 5 floors that are filled with shops.  In the courtyard area there are lots of Boutiques and the most amazing thing is the ceiling.  In the day the ceiling is like any other and is blue with clouds, but as the day goes on the ceiling changes, and by evening it has a beautiful sunset and by night is black and lit up by stars.  Only in Vegas would you see such a wonder.


If you like shows then its best to book before you go, as the shows get booked up in advance.  I saw the O show by Cirque de Soleil in the Bellagio Hotel. The stage had hidden beneath it a tank of water.  There was fire, water and acrobats performing some amazing tricks I have ever seen. A women appeared from the ceiling and dived into the then open stage into a tank of water that was then set on fire. Breath taking it was.  You can also while you are here visit the fine art gallery that is also housed within the hotel.


I did of course go to see a music show.  I love Patsy Cline and I like to sing her songs when I get the chance either on the karaoke or with my family when we have a good night out and we finish of the night where we all take turns to sing.  It may seem unusual to other people but coming from an irish family its part of our culture.

If you want to have a gamble then there are a multitude of hotels to do this in. Don’t be afraid to have a gamble either.  Everyone is very friendly and make you very welcome.  All the doors to the casinos are opened for you and if you want to go from one casino to the next, then the guys outside will ask you were you want to go and will wave a taxi for you.  Everyone is treated the same. There is no fighting and no drunks either.  If you want a drink you call over the girls that walk the floors and tell them what you want and they will bring you a drink, all you have to do is give them a tip.   I sat on the fruit machines and played to my hearts content.  I even won $600 dollars.  I also sat at the tables and had a game of black jack. the dealers are great characters and even if you don’t want to play you can stand and watch.  I am not a gambler, but I did enjoy it and made the most of it.  I never once felt afraid and I do get nervous.

The strip at night is fantastic and is well worth seeing all the hotels lit up.  There are also rides within the hotels, the stratosphere has rides in it and so does the New York, New York.  Clothes and food were very cheap.  I visted a little outlet just outside of vegas where I purchased some really cool Ray Bans, which I still have.  The road to the shops was along the dirt road just like the movies.  So a nervous ride for me.

All in all I really enjoyed it.  Its a must see.  I stayed just for two nights this time as it was a stop over after returning from New Zealand, but you could stay longer and visit places like Death valley or even hire a car and ride out to California.

From touch down to take off a trip of a lifetime.



Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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