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The Cost Of Living In Sydney

As Sydney was my second port of call this time around in Oz I had a rough idea of what the prices would be like here. Perth was my ghetto for around two and a half months before our sneaky interjection to Vietnam and let me tell you that that was an expensive joint to hang out in! 😉 So in a way I am grateful for the fact that Perth absolutely destroyed my wallet because it has made Sydney living surprisingly more affordable that what I had envisioned. Bonus!. Although quickly, whilst I’m on the subject of Perth, there are two things which I have found Perth to be cheaper for, and that is the ultimate man-food of kangaroo and beef steaks. Both of these items come in at around $4-$6 dollars cheaper per kilogram. Maybe there are more local livestock farms to Perth or maybe the ‘Perthites’ don’t have the taste for it and the supermarkets can’t actually give it away, for me it was perfect and quite a few steak sandwiches were consumed in my time there. So Sydney has come up trumps so far for its slightly cheaper cost of living on the food front and possibly accommodation costs as well.

Ok so for the modern traveller with a few luxuries tossed in for good measures here is your expected costs for basic food, accommodation, travel and luxuries…

Totes healthy brah...The Hipsters choice of bean
Totes healthy brah…The Hipsters choice of bean
  • Loaf of Brown bread -$2.50
  • Mars bar – $2.40
  • Milk (4 pint) – $3.50
  • Chicken breast (2-pack) – $6-$16 free range famous chicken
  • Rice (1 KG) – $1.50
  • Dozen Eggs – $2-$4 free range
  • Cheapest cigarettes (20 Pk) – $11 up to $22
  • Tuna (125g) – $1.50
    Really? It contains fish? No waaaayyyyyy...
    Really? It contains fish? No waaaayyyyyy…
  • Beef steak (500g) – $7
  • Lighter – $2-$3
  • Potatoes (1 KG) – $2.50
  • Baked beans -$1.50
  • Cheddar cheese (400g) – $5
  • Tub of butter – $3
  • Coffee (Mid-range) – $7 (medium sized jar)
  • Pasta (1 KG) -$2
  • Apples (1 KG) -$3.50
  • An Avocado –$2
  • Dolmio pasta sauce –$3
  • Orange cordial (1 litre) – $3
  • Mixed salad – $3

And the toiletries…

  • Bar of soap – $2
  • Shower gel –  $3-$4
  • Shampoo – $4
  • Moulding putty – $4-$8
  • Hairspray – $5-$7
  • Toothbrush (Colgate) – $2-$3
  • Tooth paste (Colgate Total…cos dentists are mad for it) – $4
  • Mouth wash (Listerine small) – $6


  • Petrol/Diesel (per litre) – $1.30
  • Taxi (per KM) – $15
  • Bus (per 2 KM) – $2-$3
  • Train (per say 8 stops) – $4-$5


  • Hostel per night (single/double/6 bed dorm) – $40/$50 for two/$20-$30
  • Cheap hotel (Ibis Budget) – $69-$99
  • House share/room share – based on 3 stops outside CBD $125 per week exc bills
  • Couch surfing –  FREE * FREE * FREE * FREE + Meet epic strangers !!

Alcohol…Clubs and the good stuff…

A great name for a beer. Bought this six pack for the name alone haha
A great name for a beer. Bought this six pack for the name alone haha
  • Scooner of local beer – $5-$7
  • Scooner of export beer – $6-$9
  • Glass of wine – $5-$8
  • Entry to a club – $20-$25
  • Entry to a special club night – $40-$50
  • Bottle beer in a club – $9-$10
  • Bottle of beer in a bar – $5-$7


So this little list is accurate of 2013 and will hopefully allow you to loosely budget your week unless you’re like me where your wages and loose change goes into a modest sized melting pot and splurged into random items. This week I was supposed to do a luxury-ish shop to treat myself to some seriously bad-ass food, you know the stuff, stuffed olives, calamari, Hagen-Dass ice cream, fresh fruit and vegetables, some kind of exotic fish and some Skittles, and did this happen? Of course not, I pimped up my wrist with a retro Casio watch from [do action=”amazon-uk” search=”casio watch” linkname=”Amazon” amazon=”http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/search?ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=6738″ affcode=”livefree-21″]Amazon[/do] for $27 buckaroos and a bright blue lightweight sleeping bag from Kathmandu for a bargain $60. Well sometimes you just have to treat yourself to be ‘down with the KIDZ’ and one thing’s for sure and that is I won’t be writing any ‘how to save mega bucks’ posts in the near future. Ok I hope this helps and if anybody wants to know of a specific cost for literally anything, from theatre tickets to ‘cut and blow-drys’, I’ll endeavour to provide them for you. Take it steady…:)


Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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