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What are Greek girls like?

For the first time visitor to Greece you may want to know what Greek women are like. They differ in almost every way to the standard British girl (or at least in my eyes). Greek women are very attractive, more often than not religious and very close with their family – it does not bode well for the horny single traveller looking to get laid.

Greek women take pride in their appearance and dress up nicely. All the girls I’ve met have been very talkative and friendly; if you start a conversation with them they will happily talk to you. Most can speak pretty good English but would be happier if you could talk to them in their mother tongue. Most are laid back (this is the Mediterranean after all!) and are very close to their friends.

Girls will often go out drinking or for meals with large groups of friends late into the evening (10pm onwards), what most of them do during the day is beyond me? They seem to have an equal number of male and female friends and commonplace to see 10+ people out socialising together.

Most Greek women have a soft Mediterranean tan and dark brown hair and eyes. Most Greek women are built slightly larger than the European counter parts (especially those of eastern Europe), but by no means considered large or over-weight.

You will see a lot of females both young and old smoking and is seen as quite a social activity. Girls do drink but a lot slower and more controlled than the Brits, they enjoy their food and drink and eat/drink over a long period of time. Greek girls do not drink to get drunk, they drink to enhance their mood and to wind down after a day.

It’s very rare you will ever find a Greek girl ‘wasted’, woman (and men) would rather not get too drunk to cause embarrassment neither make a fool of themselves. It would be interesting to know how many people die of heart and liver disease in Greece and the alcoholism rate?

If you’re coming over to Greece and looking to find a girl to have coitus with, you’ll have a more luck if you go to one of the party towns which are swamped with rowdy Brits who are looking for holiday romances.

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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