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What To Expect From The Infamous Darlinghurst Road (Kings Cross, Sydney)

Who believes in hell? Who believes in Heaven?

Well the people who are going to hell have found their little slice of heaven situated in the eastern suburbs of Sydney where neon lights and a hive of activity breeds 24/7 with no shame, no remorse and no walk in centre for the mess heads who repeatedly hawk this territory.

On this street, Darlinghurst Road, which drives through the centre of Kings Cross (or KX if you’re a text message fiend and suitably down with the lingo) you can expect to find, and in no particular order, crack heads, meth heads (ice junkies), alcoholism, prostitution, pimping, debauchery, sick, ‘gutterballs’, a McDonalds (Macca’s in Oz), strip shows, latex, filth, begging, thieving, drug dealers, shit cars which Fast and the Furious 9 wouldn’t touch, wannabe gangsters, intravenous activity, bars, brothels, hostels (lots of them), seedy old men, seedier younger men and probably Lucifer himself in one of the many kebab houses. But…Do not let this deter you from what is a cracking night out, with a variety of bars to choose from including ‘The Goldfish’ bar which was voted Sydney’s best bar for a few years (recently, not back in the 70’s).

Picture of the front of the newly refurbished Bourbon Hotel which back in it's hayday was the place to be...It is set to be an awesome night yet again with the first floor opening in March 2013
Picture of the front of the newly refurbished Bourbon Hotel which back in it’s hayday was the place to be…It is set to be an awesome night yet again with the first floor opening in March 2013

You become numb to all of the aforementioned activities/characters when you wander around the area long enough; And for me currently residing in Potts Point, ironically an extremely wealthy area only 1000 yards away, you see this every day. It’s got to the point where I’m thinking of streaking down Darlinghurst Road to see if I can get somebody to raise an eyebrow. This area is on the go 24/7 and as an example of it being 24/7 I can vouch for tripping over a woman’s high heel at 5am on my way to Kings Cross station whilst she laid curled in a doorway with a blanket over her. Sadly she was on the game and probably on something so unfortunately it was not my place to help her. Ten yards later down the road I was propositioned by 2 other prostitutes and a doorman asking if I wanted to see a live show. I had to gracefully decline and express the fact I was on my way to work on this fine Tuesday morning as my hi-viz clothing wasn’t enough evidence. Nearly at the entrance of the station when I had to quite literally walk through what can only be described as the worst tramp fight EVER where three guys were fighting over a can of 12% WOE and only one and a half eyes out of six were open on their faces. The slowest punch ever thrown was also witnessed that morning! Slow enough for me to walk through the guy who swung the punch and the guy who would have received it had he not been a good 2 and a half yards away from ‘The Puncher’. I mean it would have been a sweet connection if he had a 3 yard arm and had the remaining 75% of his eyes open. A wicked moment in time that I will cherish forever. So as you can see, walking to work for me is a breeze and certainly spices up my mornings more than ever, for which I am eternally grateful KX (lingo nailed/owned/destroyed).


People of Darlinghurst Road, Sydney
People of Darlinghurst Road, Sydney

Backpackers!! Do not stress as this place is so corrupt that it’s actually safe and the only real people who are in trouble here are the thieves who steal from other thieves and addicts. You are considered a no-body in this neighbourhood which believe me is the best way. Go out wearing what you want, drink what you want and just be respectful to your surroundings and I guarantee you will have an epic night out. If you don’t go through into the following morning you have either missed a bar or not gone at it in the right way. Tip of the day from me is to use the Kings Cross station before 5:30am to get to where you live in central Sydney as the barriers are down and the transport police don’t start until 7. Cheaper than a taxi as it’s free, and on a Fri/Sat night the train is like a mobile extension of Darlinghurst Road with the clientele being ludicrously pissed up and still fiending for drunken banter. Expect a good ride if you are one of those fiends…Expect a nightmare and awkward moments if you’re not. The cure…Only use the train when jacked up on alcohol and never underestimate the power of body-popping to strike up a conversation on this 5:30 train to wherever.

It’s worth a crack guys so pay it a visit (more than once) 😉

Thomo x

Any questions or feedback can be directed to the comments section below and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.  :-D

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